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Posted By: govikes

Placencia lodging - 09/10/01 06:47 PM

Can someone help?? A couple of days ago, I found a website that listed ALL the lodging in Placencia. It was a neat little table, listed name, amenities, price and contact info. I cannot find that site now--don't remember where I went into. The site only lists a few of the places in Placencia. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Placencia lodging - 09/10/01 07:44 PM

Try It is where I found tons of information about the area and its lodging, restaurants, etc.


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Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Placencia lodging - 09/10/01 07:44 PM

Whoops, I spelled Placencia wrong above!
Posted By: govikes

Re: Placencia lodging - 09/11/01 01:48 PM

Thanks Imarquis!! That was the one I was looking for!
Posted By: dwayneshreve

Re: Placencia lodging - 09/12/01 01:08 AM

Another that covers even more of local info is
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Placencia lodging - 09/12/01 01:33 PM

I'd like to point out that this "mostlymaya" site has almost no original material but is just a series of links to other sites.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: nuxib

Re: Placencia lodging - 09/17/01 01:31 AM

Actually, Mostly Maya has a lot more than links. It has an introduction to the Yucatec Maya language, a compiled dictionary of that language, numerous descriptions of visits to various ruins and suggestions about travel.

It also possesses the book length story of Carlos Frey, but owing to space constaints, that was placed on a free web host. It does give the impression of being just a link, though, so I am going to move most of it into Mostly Maya.

Thank you for your feedback.
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