Guides for Jungle Trek?? Dangriga


Guides for Jungle Trek?? Dangriga - 12/07/01 08:13 PM

I was offered to be given a guided trek through the Archaeological Reserve area outside of Dangriga for $180 for the two of us.

How could one find a guide for a more economical rate? Do guides need some special credentials?

We will be there and planning the trek for December 28th.

Any help is appreciated.
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Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Guides for Jungle Trek?? Dangriga - 12/07/01 10:38 PM

Where are you staying? Most lodges will provide services/guides thru local ongoing connections. That price you quoted for a tour sounds reasonable, depending on where you're going and what is included.[Lunch, transportation, entrance fes, knowledgable guide.]
Posted By: karin

Re: Guides for Jungle Trek?? Dangriga - 12/07/01 11:09 PM

Is it 180 US or Bze dollars ?... and what do you mean by the 'archeological reserve outside of Dangriga' ?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Guides for Jungle Trek?? Dangriga - 12/08/01 12:12 AM

The only public archeological area near Dangriga that I can think of is Mayflower. It's not one of the major Maya sites. There are some ruins in the Cockscomb Preserve but these would not be on a tour. Some tour operators in Hopkins and Placencia also run trips down to Nim Il Punit and Lubaantun near PG.

How much it should cost would depend on where you are going and what is included.

You can also visit these on your own, if you have a car. There's a visitors center at Nim Il Punit and caretakers at all of the sites.

Yes, all tour guides in Belize have to go through a training program and have to be licensed.

--Lan Sluder
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