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Dangriga - 04/15/02 04:55 PM

Hello folks,
I was looking for information on lodging in Dangriga. Is it a place that people would recommend visiting? or should we bypass the town? My wife and I thought about spending a night there before going down to Placenia.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 05:10 PM

Dangriga is a jumping off place for folks going to places like Tobacco Caye and some of the smaller cayes. A transportation hub for buses too. The folks there are friendly and it's the center of Garifuna culture. But it's not specifically geared to tourists. There's a lot of agricultural activity there, I seem to remember. Maybe somone else can chime in who might know more.
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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 06:15 PM

I agree with Trina. Unless you have a special interest in Garifuna culture, there's not much there for visitors. Even if you do want to experience Garifuna culture, Hopkins is a Garifuna village that is more accessible, friendlier and safer.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First
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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 06:52 PM

Dangriga is a nice place to visit, but not much is offered in the line of "resorts" or lodging. "Pals" is one place near the shoreline that has a few rooms for a night, we have not been there, but they do have a website.

We always make sure to visit the stores, the open market and make conversations with the people that live there. That is our way of enjoying the towns/villages. It is also where we pay our taxes. If you skip over Dangriga then you have missed something.
Then we head to Hopkins. It is a much smaller village and very likeable as well.

There are many people in Dangriga that are happy to point you in the right directions to places, ie; banks, groceries and eateries.

We also love to watch the children as they come home from school for their lunch break and return. They are all uniformed and it indicates the schools they go to.

I've yet to see any problem situations in town. We have friends that live there and love it. We have spent nights with our friends but we didn't wander. It wasn't in our plan.

We don't bar hop, so that may be a reason for some to want to skip it too. We did have a cocktail at a friendly little bar and drank on the front porch of the establishment.

Our reasons for going to Belize are not always the same as others, but how can you see things if you don't make that stop?

It's entirely up to the person on their vacation.

Enjoy your visit, no matter what you do or where you go in Belize, we do.
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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 10:04 PM
There is a great view of town & sea from the roof of Central Hotel.
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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 10:22 PM

Yes, nygal that reminds me. In the Garifuna village of Seine Beight, you MUST stop at Lola's Art Gallery and CAfe. Seine Bight is just up the road (north) from Placencia. Anyway, Lola's is off the road a bit in a sugar cane field. Lola is very friendly, and will show you her artwork. My hubby and I stopped there on our bike tour two years in a row and spent a pleasant while with Lola. She explained to us the history of Garifuna culture...very interesting. It's these little "off the beaten track" moments which are the BEST. I think they have music nights every once in a while there, although, sadly we never made it. Seek out the local businesses and people...that's what it's all about, to me.

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Re: Dangriga - 04/15/02 11:38 PM

In Dangriga, a nice place to stay is Chaleanor. You can email the owner, Chad at [email protected] Chad is so great, always trying to help !...
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