Harry's or Mariposa

Posted By: ScottKelley

Harry's or Mariposa - 06/04/03 07:40 PM

Since Tradwinds is unfortunately booked one of the days we'll be in Placencia, I've been looking for something "similar."

While different, Harry's and Mariposa both have a cabana available when we need it and are both within what we are looking for. I was hoping to get some input before we make a decision.

Harry's is right in town and has a fridge and bathroom, but no stove available. It's also $45.

Mariposa has a kitchen (which we're not sure if we'll need really) and has nicer cabanas, but they're $115/night and it looks like they're about a half hour walk to Placencia.

I'm leaning toward Harry's, but not by much. Anyone care to help me out here?
Posted By: ckocian

Re: Harry's or Mariposa - 06/04/03 09:06 PM

Mariposa is a nice place but the cabanas are set back from the beach and there's not much of a breeze. Rooms in the main house are great, though.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Harry's or Mariposa - 06/04/03 10:01 PM

Mariposa is definitely the nicer place. But if you don't have a car, it's a bit of a hike into the village, especially at night. Kitty's, though, is next door, and if you don't feel like walking into the village you can have a drink or a meal there. Harry's is more like Tradewinds.

Me, I would go with Mariposa, but I usually have a car.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: ScottKelley

Re: Harry's or Mariposa - 06/04/03 11:04 PM

Thanks guys. Every little bit helps.

I emailed Dean Aarestad, who apparently does email reservations for Harry. Harry only takes cash though - when you show up, so I hope the reservation stands. Haven't heard back yet, but I just emailed a few hours ago.

We figured we'd save the $70/night and just cook out or eat in town. Maybe I can get a hold of a grill for the cabana to use for a few days.
Posted By: GailM

Re: Harry's or Mariposa - 06/05/03 01:37 PM

During lobsterfest, there are many street vendors for food, and not just lobster dishes. Just be aware that a lot of the village restaurants will be closed during that time as not to compete (plus they may have a food booth set up). We had no problem finding food the last couple of times I was there during the fest.
Right down from Harry's is Merlene's Restaurant and Ms. Merlene is a good cook. Although she cooks for the fest, I do believe she is still opened for breakfast and maybe lunch.
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