Hopkins Village

Posted By: wannaBEthere

Hopkins Village - 05/03/05 03:43 PM

Ok, phew, finally decided. The last 5 days of our time spent in Belize will be in Hopkins Village.

I did a search on the boards and got some info, but just have to ask - what are some "have to's" while staying in that area?

Favorite lodging facilities?

Where not to miss a good meal?

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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/03/05 04:06 PM

you will get lots more response to questions about Hopkins on the Belize Forums.
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/03/05 04:20 PM

Thanks Barbara, now for a silly question, do you have the link? Or a link? Just turn me around and head me in the right direction please.

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/03/05 04:23 PM
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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/03/05 04:45 PM

Thanks Jesse laugh

We're looking for a place to wind down after spending some active time in San Pedro .... a bridge to speak of, before heading back to reality.

Just read a few of the comments about Hopkins ....

I love your description... Last time I was in Hopkins, I remember thinking, while riding my bicycle : "if I go any slower, I will just fall down"... I am sure you know that feeling!
Posted By: collyk

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/04/05 07:37 PM

Beaches and Dreams!
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/04/05 10:47 PM

collyk, just went back to an earlier thread where you had posted some pics and trip report. You got some great shots. I gave my hubby my "shot list" of places ... had Beaches and Dreams listed every other time. laugh
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 03:14 AM

Beaches and Dreams used to be real nice, then it went south for a while. It's under new ownership and I've read only good things. We used to stay there each time we visited Belize.

There are several places to stay in that area, you could just go and pick one. They're never all full.

The rooms at Beaches and Dreams are large and have king size beds. They also have a great cook, so I read, from Alaska or maybe that's where the new owner is from. hmmmm....

I like that area, just be prepared for the sandflies if you are so inclined to be bitten. I was and learned to wear long pants early AM and early PM. The sandflies come out for a short time and will be ready to hit you if the wind dies down smile Then change to shorts or suits.
Mainland is soooooooo different.

Dangriga has a nice place to stay. Pelican Beach and it's like an old southern plantation feel in the rooms. Housekeepers wear uniform and are very professional while their job. It's a short distance from the airport too.
There's a horse that just walks around across the street and the flowers are always lovely.
There is a security guard on duty all night and it's gated. I love the feel of that establishment, can you tell laugh
We've been there a few times. In fact the owner is the man that has that Belize forum that Jesse sent you to read.

djean from this forum is in Dangriga I think and will have more input.

We like Dangriga for short visits.
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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 03:21 AM

Beaches and Dreams and Jaguar Reef are not in Hopkins. It's 2-3 miles south in Sittee area. smile
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 04:01 AM

Thanks so much for your thoughts NYgal. Always nice to get input from folks who have actually been where "you don't really know where ya wanna go yet" laugh

Hmm ... do you happen to know if there is a United Methodist Church in Dangiaga?
Posted By: collyk

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 08:07 AM

wannabethere..well we loved it...nygal is right about the sand flies it not in Hopkins? How weird - we thought we were in Hopkins and it is listed as a Hopkins resort and we walked to the LeBeha drumming centre every day, which I also thought was in Hopkins. Now I am very confused...on that note..the LeBeha Drumming CD is now available. I have one and it is great! I don't know if the cook you are thinking about is at Beaches and Dreams yet, but the food there was very good when we were there. If you love fishing and snorkelling those are wonderful things that the Beaches and Dreams people can really provide the best of.
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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 11:57 AM


A Drumming CD would be the perfect gift for my daughter. When I was living in TN, and she in ME, she drove down to visit - straight through. To keep alert towards the end, she played a drumming CD REALLY loud, and sang along to it. Now mind you, she musta made up all the words, cuz there were no words on the CD. laugh
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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/05/05 01:55 PM

Take a walk past Jaguar Reef, if it's still there in the road will be a huge (thick) rope. There is a gate house there as well. There's a newer house built just to the south of it. This is all in this BACC.

Did you happen to see the point of land south of Beaches and Dreams? That is Sittee Point.
I don't know what has grown up around there since we haven't gone back there for a few years.
Pleasure Cove was next door to B&D, a private house, Jaguaar Reef and then on to Hamansi. I think I have read there is a condo development just past Jaguaar?
We have land a few miles north of the area.

No, sorry WannaBe frown
Posted By: collyk

Re: Hopkins Village - 05/06/05 09:24 AM

Thanks for helping me work out the area better NYgal. I am hoping to go back to Hopkins this year and would love to go down to Sittee Point and the River as I heard it is fantastic.
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Re: Hopkins Village - 05/06/05 04:34 PM

Hey, no problem. It's all in the advertising and it can be misleading. I asked the previous owner of Beaches and Dreams.

Maybe one day we will do a drive by or drive in and see how things have improved. The original color of B&D was PINK and it was new when we went our first time.
Very negative comments came from there and it forced us elsewhere, sadly. frown
We loved the local and had to 'not' go near it for the above reason.
Too much talk ruins a good vacation.
Enjoy your visits smile
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