Whale Sharks??

Posted By: JZB

Whale Sharks?? - 03/15/11 06:45 PM

Can anyone tell me if there has been any whale shark sightings yet? I know it is quite early in the season but with the full moon happening this Saturday, I was hoping there is a chance they are starting to gather. I have friends in town right now that would like to dive with them but I don't want them to make the trip all the way down to Placencia if there is no chance of a shark sighting.

Thanks in advance for any information!
Posted By: swanno

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/15/11 06:54 PM

Easiest and fastest way to find out about current whale shark sightings is to contact Brian Young at Seahorse
Phone: (501) 523-3166
Fax: (501) 523-3466
Home Tel: (501) 523-3356
Email: [email protected]

Posted By: JZB

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/15/11 07:03 PM

Thanks swanno! They have already been contacted along with another dive shop. One dive shop said yes, one said no. I'm hoping for someone to break the tie! wink

I would hate for my friends to go down there for two days just because one of the dive shops wanted another customer. Their time would be better spent diving on AC and the Atolls before heading back to Canada on Tuesday.
Posted By: swanno

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/15/11 07:24 PM

You may be just a few days too early at the moment. The full moon is on 3/19 and the "whale shark season" starts on 3/17. If they are out there Seahorse will find them...Brian and the guys are great.
Remember there is no guarantee on seeing the whale sharks...we were so lucky a few years ago and saw 6 on our first dive and 2 on the second... the other guys on the boat hadn't seen any whale sharks on the 2 previous days
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/15/11 09:09 PM

Unfortunately, the full moon falls too early in March and experts say not to expect ws this month and if any do congregate off the coast, it will be after and up to 10 days after the full moon, but very iffy and few if any of the dive shops are booking ws trips for this March. But stay in touch with the shops, who will know if they are out there. Plan your ws trip for April.
Posted By: Caliafshin

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/21/11 06:13 PM

I will be in Ambergris Caye from the 15th to 24th of April. Is there a chance to see whale sharks around there or do I need to come to Stann Creek area? Would a day trip from there be practical to the region and then back?
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/21/11 06:20 PM

You will need to spend two nights in Placencia as boat departure and return do not coincide with airline schedules. Avadon is about the best dive shop on the peninsula and taking reservations now for limited space on the boats. Well worth the effort-its humbling to see these creatures, like watching the cross town bus glide by
Posted By: Caliafshin

Re: Whale Sharks?? - 03/21/11 07:43 PM

Thank you. We are arriving in Belize on the 15th of April which should be somewhat close to the next full moon. Do you reccomend us coming to Stann Creek right away? Is Dandriga also a good base for Whale shark viewing?
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