Trouble in Placencia?

Posted By: klcman

Trouble in Placencia? - 06/24/06 01:35 PM

Anybody else see this?

CS Freeway south ? :rolleyes:
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/24/06 06:28 PM

Me thinks the the idea floated of a 300 room resort on AC seems to have made it's way to Placencia.
Posted By: San Pedro Daily

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/24/06 06:37 PM

Wheres Corona $teve?
Posted By: ckocian

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/24/06 08:03 PM

This project called Ara Macao will accommodate at full capacity about 13,000! Much, much, much bigger than the 300-room proposition.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/25/06 01:10 AM

I was down there a few weeks ago and yes, it is a ginormous development. Six months before this you could see that something was happening in that area, dredging, clearing, but no structures, now its indescribable. I would be upset if I lived there too. It really changes the look and feel of Placencia. Its interesting though, the gigantic resort "The Placencia" formerly known as Zeboz has more than 100 condos under construction but has not stirred up the ire of the community in this way.
Posted By: jobelize

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/26/06 09:17 AM

i go to placencia to rest and relax it would be a mistake to change it from the village that it has become known to be...the people of placencia cant want change like that ...the locals wont be able to afford to live there anymore..the local business will definately suffer...
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/26/06 12:22 PM

Fortunately it's not in the 'village.' It's several miles north on the peninsula.

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/26/06 11:18 PM

Hey KLC maybe you can start the investment group buying up Monkey River smile laugh Developemnt is coming to the peninsula if our trip last Feb is any indication-My friends from the village weren't afraid to point out that developers are filling in the lagoon side with marginal materials and not using any deep footing for the new construction. I saw this area after their last hurricane and feel that one big blow could do some real damge in the areas they are building. I only hope that my friends will find ways to prosper from the added developemnt as I don't see them stopping it. Too many investment dollars are rolling that way. Sad for us but exciting for some. Duane and Barb
Posted By: klcman

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/27/06 12:12 AM

Nah, not interested in development at all in BZE, sorry Duane...unless ya got a real sweet deal!

You survive those twisters of last week OK?
Posted By: Blackie

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 06/29/06 11:29 PM

Aren't these what Jimmy Buffett calls "Condo Commandos"? Is this happening all over Belize? I am thinking of "retiring" down there and never coming back to the U.S., but I am also trying to get away from this kind of developments here in Florida.

I had read that Placencia was one of the best places to go.

Re: Trouble in Placencia? - 07/02/06 09:29 PM

Blackie- I suggest you spend some time in the Village before retiring. My wife and I love it but for many you will hear there's not enough to do. My comments about the condo's are based on my hopeing it remains that way.
KLC- We be Ok thanks for asking!!! more water than wind
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