A New Luxury Project in Placencia

Posted By: Marty

A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 11/20/15 11:25 AM

A new luxury project is coming to Placencia, Belize.

The Itz’ana Resort and Residences broke ground this week on a 20-room resort project set to open in Dec. 2016.

The project will also include 22 villas and 17 one-bedroom loft cottages through 2017.

“When we came to Belize 10 years ago, we knew that that it would become a world-class destination because of its natural beauty, culture and proximity to major markets,” says developer Colin Hannan. “We have built a world-class development team, and believe that the tremendous pace of sales is indicative of the high level of interest in what is fast becoming the next big destination in the region.”

The property will include a Great House including a restaurant called Limilla, a private “rum room” and an open rooftop deck.

The project is designed by Boston-based architect Roberto de Oliveira Castro and outfitted by New York-based interior designer Samuel Amoia.

“Our buyers have been global travelers that have an appreciation for quality and are seeking a strong return on their investment,” says Bryant McClain, Director of Sales for the project. “They are cultural explorers that want to create family memories like diving the reef, tubing down rivers, and climbing ancient ruins but they also demand high service levels and expert management.”

Posted By: FrostyMug

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 05/31/16 12:29 PM

I looked into these and the prices are way out of my range! Even those small canal tiny huts are out of my reach:(
Posted By: FrostyMug

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 06/01/16 04:59 AM

I mean give me a break! $315k USD for 1 bedroom 715 square feet? What a complete rip off and a joke! I feel sorry for anyone getting suckered in on one of these...I do not see how you will be able to sell later for even half the amount!!! They are located way back on a canal, a long distance from any ocean or decent view of an ocean.
Posted By: BrusselSprout

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 06/01/16 02:57 PM

Oh but it will be SOOO gorgeous - and you can totally see the sea and the lagoon, it saw no canal.
Posted By: larrypied

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 06/01/16 09:20 PM

I will buy if it say "Trump by the Sea" !!
Posted By: FrostyMug

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 06/03/16 11:46 PM

All of the photos (above) show the homes barely above water level. SCARY! First small tropical storm and they are flooded big time I bet. Heck, photos look like the homes are built over the top of the water too. Do you get any real land in this home buying deal? 20 feet at the front door maybe and the rest of the home is hovering above water on posts??? Over $300k USD for that? It has to be a joke. Those homes are not worth a penny more than $99k USD to me, period.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: A New Luxury Project in Placencia - 06/05/16 07:57 PM

Frosty, pretty sure those are 3-D renderings not photos. Indeed they should be higher off the water and my guess is that they will be.
No worries if you don't care for them. You have some good alternatives elsewhere.
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