Toledo CacaoFest 2008

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Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 12/07/07 05:21 AM

Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 23rd to 25th May

Come and join us at the second annual Toledo Cacao Festival for a family weekend celebration of chocolate, and the unique flavours of our District!

You'll recognise all your favourite events from the previous Festival, with some exciting new additions - including a special performance of the Deer Dance held at the wonderful Maya site of Lubaantun, as well as a presentation on the Maya history of Toledo given by Dr Jaime Awe, the director of the Department of Archeology.

[Linked Image] The Festival opens with a Wine & Chocolate evening, featuring local and international wines and chocolate based cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Saturday brings you the Taste of Toledo cookery and craft fair, with cookery and chocolate demonstrations and a host of cacao-related and other craft produce, Cacao for Kids children's activities, Sea Toledo marine trips, and Culture in Harmony musical performances.

Sunday's Cacao Trail takes you inland to Toledo's chocolate country to visit the cacao plantations and on to one of Toledo's beautiful natural attractions, followed by a special performance of an excerpt from the Maya Deer Dance at Lubaantun's atmospheric plaza. Round off the weekend at the Festival Finale with music from some of Toledo's best-loved musicians, followed by a spectacular firework display over the Bay of Honduras.

Precise times and more detailed information on each event will be added over the forthcoming weeks, but in the meantime click on the thumbnail picture on the right to download the Festival "at a glance" flyer.

Use our contact form to register to receive updates, or check back regularly as new information is added to the website. If you have any questions about the weekend, please email us!

CacaoFest 2008 is held in conjunction with Toledo Cacao Growers' Association, Department of Archaeology and NICH, Belize Tourism Board, Green & Black's, Love FM, Smart!, Toledo Tourism, and Tropic Air.
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 12/07/07 03:32 PM

Sounds good any feedback from anyone who has gone to this event?
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 12/07/07 09:43 PM

I didn't attend the 2007 fest but heard it was a big success when I was in PG last month. Will get bigger and more well known every year.

There are some fine new hotels and B&B's in PG as well - Hickatee Cottages, Coral House Inn, Beya Suites to name a few. Lodge at Big Falls, Machaca Hill Lodge & Cotton Tree Lodge are also nice (larger and more expensive). Photos coming soon.
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 03/27/08 03:15 PM


* Chocolate and wine evening, with live music from the Caribbean Trio


* Taste of Toledo Cookery and Craft Fair in PG Central Park, with chocolate, cookery, crafts, and music from Leela Vernon
* Cacao for Kids children’s activities
* Sea Toledo Marine Trips
* Culture in Harmony evening music in PG Town


* Inland CacaoTrail tours
* Special performance of the Deer Dance at Lubaantun
* Firework Festival Finale, with music from the Garifuna Collective and Paul Nabor

For more information, visit our website at, call the Festival Office on 722-2531, or email [email protected]
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 05/14/08 08:56 PM

I´ve been in Toledo last year in a very nice accomodation. Have a look at this website

If you stay there say hello to Melissa an Bruno from Hans and Annette
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 05/16/08 06:28 PM

That would be Sun Creek Lodge if you are doing a search. Rustic but nice. Good tours available.
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 05/27/08 05:23 PM

Congratulations Punta Gorda on a successful Cacao Festival. We enjoyed the festival, music, chocolate, Deer Dance and the many activities that took place. The friendliness of the people we met was memorable. We look forward to going again next year. Thanks again Toledo
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Re: Toledo CacaoFest 2008 - 05/28/08 05:20 AM

Thanks to everyone who came! We had a great time -and are now planning 2009! Will post the photos on the Festival website over the next few days, and hope to see more of you next year. 22nd to 24th May 2009!
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