New Haven Lagoon

Posted By: Bill Holly

New Haven Lagoon - 09/03/08 07:31 PM

Would someone be willing to give me detailed info about this lagoon? How deep is it, spring tide difference, wild life in and around it? Council or County plans for the coastal land area? etc. etc.
Thanks already.
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Re: New Haven Lagoon - 09/04/08 08:14 AM

Didn't find much, on I found this one:

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Adjacent New Haven Lagoon is considered the best deep water harbour south of Placencia. The area features an extensive series of storm ridges and intervening ponding areas, the only such occurrence on such a scale in Belize, derived from sediment discharged by Monkey River, just to the north of the park.


This is a nice Google-composed-search-engine-page on New Haven Belize:
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