Airport Authority Inspects Airstrip Project

Posted By: Marty

Airport Authority Inspects Airstrip Project - 11/07/13 10:30 AM

An official of the Belize Airport Authority today completed an inspection visit to the Punta Gorda Municipal Airstrip Fence Project. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story in this report.


“With the progress of the project nearing its completion phase, an inspection visit to the project site at the Punta Gorda Municipal airstrip was made by Belize Airport Authority’s General Manager, Kenworth Tillett.”


“Over the years there have been many complaints about the safety and pedestrians crossing the runway at the Punta Gorda Municipal Airport. So, the Belize Airport Authority along with Cocesna is in the process of constructing this fence for the safety of the residents of Punta Gorda. We are about 75 to 80 percent complete at this point. As you can see the fence is progressing well but there have been some problems in terms of the construction and there has been some vandalism. Apparently people don’t necessarily want to have to walk around but in the interest of safety, it is necessary that this fence was built. This is something for the community; so, when anyone should decide to vandalize the site or do anything like that, basically, that is something that is against the community and I think that is something that the community needs to do, to be guardians of the community itself and the assets of the community and this fence certainly is an asset.”


“Mr. Gillett also had words of caution regarding pedestrians’ use of the airstrip.”


“It is illegal for anybody, pedestrians that are not working or have an authority from the Belize Airport Authority to be on the airport at any given time; the reason for that is that the operations planes on the airport colliding with any pedestrian or so would prove deadly for the pedestrian and even for those in the plane. It is illegal and basically, a word of caution, they ought to stop doing that. They are endangering their lives and the lives of others.”


“Mr. Tillett further emphasized that the safety aspect of the chain link fence spanning the entire length and width of the Punta Gorda Airstrip is of major importance and is very necessary for all inhabitants of Punta Gorda and Toledo district share in efforts to make sure that the presence and purpose of the entire fence be effective. The PG Municipal Airstrip fence undertaken by contractor Joaquin Aldana of Punta Gorda is expected to be completed by the ending of this month.”


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