The Belize Road Book?

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The Belize Road Book? - 03/22/03 04:31 AM

Couldn't find the message board that I think Marie replied to helping me to locate a book which details the roads on the mainland. Anyone know the title and where I might be able to locate it? I went on and looked, a lot of books about Belize. Found the book about San Pedro by Lan Sluder - I will def. buy this one. Any other suggestions for books? I would like one about Belize as well as AC and I do wnat that road book! I like books that I can read as well as some I can show my kids (9, 11 and 16) so that they learn about the people and their culture and history before we arrive. It is important that they know what is and isn't appropriate.

Thanks - Mo
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/22/03 05:39 AM

Emory King puts out a new guide each year, you can purchase copies through


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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/22/03 05:49 AM

Thanks - just what I needed! Mo
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/22/03 06:08 AM

Hi Mo! Yup, that was the one I was telling you of. Emory King. It really is a cutie! Where inland have you decided to go? Have fun!
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/22/03 06:10 AM

Me again...while you're at it, be sure to pick up Lonely Planet. Excellent resource. I make sure to get one for every country I travel to.
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/24/03 04:50 AM

Marie- I am still working on it. Thought I would buy a couple of books and take a good read through them. From the message board sounds like I might venture into Placencia. I would like to stop along the way and do numerous things with the kids- like the cave tubing, visiting historic sites, forest exploring... My husband has decided not to join us as he wants to save his holiday time for a ski trip- I have always been the sun one! We are very excited. I confirmed our tickets today - we are lucky to be flying on miles. Thanks for all of your advice and help.
My next debate is really where to stay- I keep reading and looking but!! I found a reasonable place but it is a bit north (about 1 mile north of town) and I am not sure that I want to have to use the ferry/taxi every time we want to venture into town. Does the Paradise have a pool? I do want one for the kids-not too worried about the size. They just like to get wet and splash around. I will keep searching for a place.
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/24/03 04:11 PM

Hi We5Play. Nope, no pool at Paradise. There are plenty of pools South of the Boca, if access to town is important to you. If not, no problem. The hand ferry closes about 8:00 p.m., so keep that in mind if you want to come in town later than that. If the kids like to interact with other kids, probably south of the Boca is something to look into. Theres a nice playground right at the south edge of the Boca, and water slides, etc. At night, lots of the residents and their kids hang out at "Central Park". That always cracks me up, I lived in NYC over 10 years, so my concept of a Central Park is a bit different! Good news re Central Park, you can sit at Jambel Jerk Pit right across from it and keep and eye on them. There's also a bunch of fast food places (Belizean style) right across from Jambel. Never ate there, but I hear great things about the very farthest one from the beach. Supposed to have great meat tortillas. Kids sure seem to love it. You're going to have a great time, no matter what you do or where you go.

Re Placencia, great place, but unless I'm mistaken, no cave tubing or antiquities en route. For that you have to head towards San Ignacio and Mountain Pine Ridge. Also, for just antiquities, you could head north to Lamani. But, to me, best bang for your buck is heading towards San Ignacio. You get the city which is certainly worth a view, the Zoo, just outside the city, a break at JB's if you choose, lunch at Clarissa Falls and beautiful Xuanantanich. From there, if you overnight in the area, its a quick run to cave tubing the next morning. Its less than 80 miles from Belize City to San Ignacio, as I recall, on a good road, so a really easy run. Placencia is a different thing altogether. I haven't been there since the last hurricaine, so much has changed, I'm sure. Its very laid back. As is Caye Caulker, an easy boat ride away. Come to think of it, there may be a boat to Placencia. Anyone know? I think I've heard of it. Have fun! Be sure to get at least one liquado for the kids while on AC. Oh, so good!!!!!!
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/24/03 10:31 PM

Thanks for the info. I am going to order Emory's book. He sent me an e-mail that the new edition is ready. I went and checked out what few books our library had- I requested other books from surrounding libraries. I figured between all of them and buying a few I should have plenty of info. I think we will head the way you mentioned towards San Ignacio. We will definitely stay the night along the way. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks- Mo
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/25/03 01:16 AM

Well, it's only a short drive, roughly 80 miles. I do suggest you do it the day you fly in. Why fly into AC then have to fly back? So you could make in an easy day. Don't forget the zoo...the kids are gonna love it. If you want to crash, give Clarissa Falls a thought. It was pretty rough when we went there (bats flying through the room - but we kind of enjoyed that), but I understand there are some more upscale rooms there now. Make sure to have her chimole soup, whether you spend the night or not, ..toooooo good!!!!! Pretty place, the kids will love the river and all the animals. Then you could get up early, zoom on over to Xuantanich, and scamper on down to the Five Sisters. You wouldn't even be 100 miles to return the next day so you could fly back to AC from BZ. The boat takes forever, but is fun, too. The roads are really good, so not to worry. But, if you have the time, do devote a bit more time to Mountain Pine Ridge. So much there to see and can always come back for another visit. We sure have.
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/25/03 04:48 AM

Thanks for the info. I am gathering every bit. I wish our trip was tomorrow! My daughter checked out a book on Belize at the library- thought the local librarian thought she was joking when she asked for the book. I know the kids would love the zoo and they would love the room with bats, although my middle one would want to know that they were not poisionous. He is my cautious one. I was planning to fly in and start the drive- thought we would spend that day driving and visit the zoo and something else- then spend the next day touring around. Not sure if we would head back then or just leave the next day- we will see how the planning goes. Thanks- Mo
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Re: The Belize Road Book? - 03/25/03 05:33 AM

We5Play. That is so nice. My son is grown, but I remember him going to the library before we traveled. You're giving those children many good lessons. To this day, my son says good things about what he learned when we traveled. Its a gift not too many kids get. Bravo>
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