Bad Rap at Maruba???

Posted By: Aziah

Bad Rap at Maruba??? - 02/16/01 08:31 PM

I know, I know, 20 questions!!!

As you probably already know, I am planning my wedding in Belize. I want it to be at a Mayan ruin. I really wanted the reception and our stay to be at Maruba...but I am actually corresponding with an "Angela" there that has been really rude and unaccomodating. A travel agent I am going through says she "is not surprised" and recommends inland around Caye.

Has anyone heard of any bad experience with Maruba??? Or is it just this one person???

Re: Bad Rap at Maruba??? - 02/16/01 10:48 PM

We have been there many times and have met the owners personally. They were wonderful and very accomodating people. Although small, Maruba is a beautiful jungle resort.
However, it's your wedding, find a place that makes you happy so your future husband doesn't have to listen to whining for the next 20 years!
Posted By: Aziah

Re: Bad Rap at Maruba??? - 02/16/01 10:54 PM

I am glad to get some input from someone who has been there. I *really* want it to be there... you remember the names of the owners?
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