Restaurant info for Belmopan

Posted By: Marty

Restaurant info for Belmopan - 02/21/08 07:25 PM

from a friend...
At Puccini's in Belmopan, food is fine in my view. Not much of ambiance or romance - a
sparse, carpeted air conditioned room. But the food is good.

You can eat outside by the bar when there are no mosquitoes

The pasta is excellent from what friends tell me as pasta is a bit too
rich for me, I like the steaks.

Expats, locals Menos etc. frequent the joint.

A new Chinese restaurant Garden Plaza Restaurant opened recently close
to Atlantic Bank. It is run by the refugee chef from Chon Saan.

Small restaurant, air conditioned, very neat, clean and good service -
this is not your regular Chinese greasy spoon. I like their pepper
shrimp and pepper pork chops. Avoid Alwin's Chinese restaurant nearby
- terrible food in my view.

Chon Saan has gone down some after a falling out between the sister
who used to run it and her brother the owner. The chain smoking
brother now runs it.

La Cabana had terrible food - they have improved some. Rice and Beans
and fish fillet are O.K. - the rest very average.

McWolf still the best burgers, frys and smoked chicken in the area.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Restaurant info for Belmopan - 02/21/08 10:34 PM

Lots of open air vendors right off the main square. You can usually find local fare like gibnut as well. very inexpensive.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Restaurant info for Belmopan - 02/22/08 03:37 PM

Good Indian Restaurant over by the Fottball Ground. Called MI Bites, or something close. We stop every time in Belmopan. Good Indian food, one of the few things I still miss about England.
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