Manta Resort

Posted By: JAG

Manta Resort - 01/14/01 09:02 PM

Has anyone stayed at Manta Resort? How were the accomodations & food? Would you recommend staying here for a purely diving vacation? One other question is how did you find the dive operation at Manta?
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Re: Manta Resort - 01/15/01 05:11 AM
AS far as i'm concerned this place is for DIVERS 3 dives a day, eat and sleep. The diving is the best in belize but it's not diverse so you'll dive that one atoll for the whole time unlike a/c where you can explore diferent atolls and the blue hole, it's all with 2.5 hrs travelling time.
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Re: Manta Resort - 01/15/01 10:35 PM

I'm a big big fan of Manta, as a guest and pleased to have booked yonks of people therer who have allcome back raving. Good 3, 4 and 7 nts trips and they are running some quiet specials in the next few months. Do it, you'll be thrilled.

Katie Valk
Maya Travel Services
Posted By: JAG

Re: Manta Resort - 01/15/01 11:04 PM

thanks for the info!

katie - how did you find the accomodations/food at manta resort? were you able to do any night dives?

what quiet deals do they have coming up? we plan on going in early july / late june.
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Manta Resort - 01/17/01 11:33 PM

I thought the food was very nice and I've heard that repated by guest after guest. Cabanas are close to the shoreline, two beds, ac, hot water showers, nice enough. They have a very nice two bdrm house on the point that I loved. Yes on night dives and not sure what specials they aer running for thisJuly, but those willbelowe season rates anyway, about 600.00pp for 3 nts. package with meals, transfers, diving, etc.

It's the diving that makes it so special really, fabulous pristine marine ecosystem.

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