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Bus travel - 04/04/01 07:04 PM

OK, after hearing all of your information, which was very valuable, we've decided to stay for a few days at Maruba, then for a week in San Pedro. Now my question is about the bus situation. I found a bus schedule listing on one of the websites (, but was wondering if the bus will be able to get us to Maruba from the airport. I don't want to be too cheap about our trip, but I can't see spending over $100 for a ride when the bus is less than $5. I've heard that it's even closer to getting to know some of the locals, etc. Like I said, I've got generic information about when and where the busses go, but I don't want to get dropped off on the Northern Highway and then have to walk 5 miles to Maruba. I emailed them about it, and all I got for a reply was the address, no directions or information about whether or not the bus could get us there. What's the REAL story with the busses, recommendations about this idea, etc...
Thanks again.
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Re: Bus travel - 04/05/01 03:17 PM

Maruba is on the Old Northern Highway (not the Northern Highway). Bus service there is limited, but there is a little. You want the bus that goes to Maskall Village, which is a few miles north of Maruba. I don't recall now which line services that area, but it's not one of the majors like Novelo's.

Frankly, very few people who can afford the very high prices at Maruba take a bus there!

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
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Your personal agenda is showing and it's in bad taste.

If you wish to promote your business on this board, can you in future do it with a little bit of class, and without putting down San Pedro and Ambergris Caye.

You've never seen the people on this board putting down Caye Caulker. In fact they do the opposite by promoting snorkeling and sightseeing trips to CC.

Good manners go a long way here.

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Isn't this the "About Other Parts of Belize" thread??? I think you are being alittle rough on Wendy.
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Just because its the "Other Parts of Belize" doesn't excuse bad taste.

This is my personal opinion Mary Ann, and I'm sorry if you disagree but then that's what makes the world go 'round.

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Could we get back to the subject of bus schedules please...
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