Meanwhile in Belize City, paving...

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Meanwhile in Belize City, paving... - 04/16/09 05:26 AM

CitCo uses new method to pave down town tributaries

[Linked Image] After years of being in poor condition, Albert and Regent Streets were finally paved in December of last year. But while most of the circular loop is now smooth, drivers still complain about the condition of the seven tributaries that connect to downtown Belize City’s most traveled thoroughfare. The portion of King Street that lies between Albert and Regent Streets has been dug up since the beginning of the week. But instead of pouring hot tar, the Belize City Council is laying bricks on the ground. News Five’s Jose Sanchez found out more.

Zenaida Moya, Belize City Mayor

“What we are trying to do in Belize City is to ensure that we focus on the streets. This term we’re gonna focus on the streets, the drainage situation and of course, we’re trying to uplift the whole city. We know that we already have the South Side project, we’ll be working with the Ministry of Works on that. We’ll also be working very heavily under—via the Belize, the rejuvenation. We’ll be working a lot on the north side. We’ll try to make a balance when it comes to the focus of the resources.”

Dean Samuels, Councilor Responsible for Works-South Side
“Well Jose, again this is the City Council teaming up with the private sector to ensure that we provide goods and services to the Belizean residence. This is just the beginning what we’re doing right here. We’re gonna put down it’s call pavers, its like cinder blocks, it is done all over the world, all over in the Caribbean, it’s something new to Belize but we’re getting there. This is just part of the plan that the City Council has when it comes to beautification in the down area. We’re gonna be partnering with business community to ensure that all these streets that connect on to Albert and Regent, that they are done this same exact way. It’s gonna beautify the place and it’s durable and it’s easily repairable.”

Zenaida Moya
“Atlantic Bank has been leading in this effort in terms of the downtown area but we have all confidence that other businesses will come on board.”

Jose Sanchez
“So you have these new pavers that will be put down on this street and you also have the hot mix n the Albert and the Regent. Atlantic Bank as you mentioned before, they have a brand new drive-thru. They are really fixing up. Are you going to ask the other businesses on the street, this tourist area to paint their buildings because they really look drab?”

Zenaida Moya
“Yes, definitely. That is one of our beautification plan. We’re gonna be working with the business community. We already have a project, we did get some paint via the Florida Caribbean Cruise association. We got some paints that we’ve already been doing some works. We’ll want to jump start the project very shortly; however, these particular paints were received from Florida specifically to work in the Tourism zone area. We know that most businesses can in fact pay for they own paints; they can in fact pay for the people who will be painting it. So as much as we can that those businesses can do their own thing, we’ll be working with them and asking them to do their thing.”

Atlantic Bank sponsored the King Street project and Mayor Moya says that the city council will assist homeowners in the tourism zone with paint for their buildings.
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