Turneffe Island Resort

Posted By: Marty

Turneffe Island Resort - 03/21/03 05:23 PM

Turneffe Island Resort
Top Fishing Destination

Saltwater Sportsman Magazine recently included Turneffe Island Resort
in its list of best fishing recommendations. However,that's nothing
new to many avid anglers around the world: Turneffe Island Lodge has
been recognized for more than 40 years as one of the top flats fishing
destinations in the Caribbean.

It is the original fishing Lodge on the Turneffe Atoll, which includes
over 100 square miles of fishing grounds. The Lodge is strategically
located in the middle of the most productive area, and anglers can
cast to several different species of fish on the flats, lagoons, shore
lines, coral reefs and offshore.

The fishing at Turneffe Island Resort, located 30 miles off the
Belizean Coast in the western Caribbean, is suitable for any level of
skill. Bonefish and permit thrive on miles of beautiful flats, where
there is a catch and release policy. Many of these flats are also
perfect for wading. Schools of bonefish are very large and average
insize from 3 to 7 pounds.

Permit are also plentiful in these waters, and it is here where you
can accomplish one of the most difficult tasks: a permit on the fly!
It is therefore one of the few areas in the world where you have a
chance to catch a "grand slam:" bonefish, permit and tarpon all in one

The size of Tarpon vary, from small to 100-pound monsters in the
summer months. The creeks and deep channels that penetrate the Atoll
are literally peppered with Tarpon holes. If the shallow water
species are not what you want, then try the blue water, right in front
of the Lodge. Wahoo, king mackerel, tuna, dorado, barracuda,blue
runners, horse-eyed jacks, snappersand many others round out the
diverse fishing opportunities at Turneffe Island Lodge.

Equipment at Turneffe Island Resort is first class: the resort uses
16-foot dolphin skiffs powered with 40 hp motors. Recently, the Lodge
added a Pro 48 sport fish boat for offshore fishing, and another Pro
48 customized for diving(30 dive sites are within minutes of the
Lodge). Top of the line rods and tackle are available for rent.

All of the Lodge's private cabanas and standard rooms are
air-conditioned. You don't have to be an angler to enjoy Turneffe
Island Lodge,which also offers snorkeling, kayaking, and beachcombing,
and a full-service dive operation. The Lodge features a first-class
dining room and lounge, and can arrange day trips to Lighthouse Atoll,
Altun Ha, and the Belize Zoo. A day trip to Lighthouse Atoll is
included in the 7-night dive packages.

The Lodge can only accommodate 12 fishermen,20 divers and 4
beachcombers per week-thus, guests are assured of an exclusive
experience. Turneffe Island Lodge's fishing guides are skilled
English-speaking Belizean natives, who have intimate knowledge of the
waters-and know how to coax fish onto a hook and into the skiff.
Posted By: We5play

Re: Turneffe Island Lodge - 03/22/03 04:41 AM

Marty- About 18 years ago I was divingn on Truk when I met some folks who said that the best diving in the world was off of Turneffe Island. 18 years later I am happy to say I am heading that way- we will be going to AC at the end of Sept. Still debating the Turneffe Lodge- would you say it would be ok for myself and 3 kids? They are used to all kinds of lodgings- we are not picky- went to Bali in Oct- did not always have electricity nor hot water- any knowledge would be great.
Could I make a day trip from AC there?
Thanks - Mo
Posted By: Marie

Re: Turneffe Island Lodge - 03/23/03 05:23 PM

I'm liking your style W5play! If you REALLY want to get away from it all, and this really IS a rough trip, I KNOW I did it, try Glovers Reef (the Lamonts - if you are at all interested I can find the contact for it). There is No nothing there! Literally 9 acres of rough coral and some scruffy cabanas. That's the fun of it. You get a cabana, I suggest the two story ones. Don't get excited. The first story is your kitchen. That way, you sleep away from the sand fleas. The kitchen is fitted out with a butane burner, and jugs of water and greasy old pans (washing them in the sea water does a fine job of cleaning them up, trust me - there is no running water). That's it. You bring in your own stuff, or buy from them at their somewhat, not terribly, elevated prices. But, there is not much to buy, so come prepared. Or, you can fish, which we did. You sign on for a week. You take a boat from Sittee River that is reminescent of the African Queen, and a whole lot slower. Figure a six hour trip, minimum! If you dive, it is supreme. If not, it really is a trip back in time. Did I mention, the toilet is down the lane? The best part, a compatriotism between all the people who ended up there, not nearly expecting it to be as rough as it was. I'm a good cook, so we became sort of party central, and it was really fun. Am I up to it again? One day. But the comforts of Ambergris do call. When we came back to Ambergris, my husband and I were fighting for the shower ( running water there.....we gave in and showered together!) We went, about four years ago, and it, boat ride included, was $140.00US a week for us both, boat rides included. No, that was not a typo error. Really, $140 a week for a couple. I'm sure it's gone up some, but I can't imagine much.

By the obviously are a world traveler, have you been to Fiji. Try the Castaway Resort there.....wonderful place!
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Turneffe Island Resort - 03/23/03 10:43 PM

Turneffe may or may not be OK with 3 kids. Depends on the ages and how good they are at keeping themselves occupied withouit a lot of amenities. There is no town or village on the island. Just lots of sand & water!! Great fishing, snorkeling & diving. The packages are either 3, 4 or 7 nts only. No day trips from AC unless for diving. I have done trips for clients with kids who loved the remote atolls. I would never take my 3 kids there (unless it was without me!!! They would drive me crazy). It depends on the kids...and you.
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