Belize Zoo Transportation

Posted By: Radish

Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/21/06 01:10 AM

I am staying on Ambergris Caye in a couple of weeks and would like to visit the Belize Zoo. I plan on taking the ferry to Belize City. How do I get to the Zoo from Belize City and back again? Is there a bus I can take? Is a cab ride to expensive?

Thank you
Posted By: ArtZ SmartZ

Re: Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/21/06 01:26 PM

Best thing to do is have your hotel set you up with a tour. Beware of the Tapir. Do not stand behind it.
Posted By: Radish

Re: Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/21/06 02:31 PM

Does anyone know how to get there without a tour group. I do not want to plan my entire vaction with taking group tours of places.

Thank you
Posted By: Bzedoll

Re: Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/21/06 04:03 PM

I would suggest that you rent a car. Take the water taxi to Belize City. Rent a car and drive up to the zoo. The zoo is on the western highway and is hard to miss. Get a road map to help you get out of Belize City.
Posted By: BrigitteBachmann

Re: Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/21/06 04:24 PM

Hi Radish,
You could take a cab to where the bus leaves, and have the bus drop you at the zoo.
Ask what time the busses return from Belmopan, and make sure you are by the highway a bit before and flag down the bus.
The busses are pretty frequent on this route during the day.
Enjoy the Zoo.
Posted By: thnkart

Re: Belize Zoo Transportation - 02/26/06 01:22 PM

Is there any way to get a bus schedule ahead of time? Do they have them at the airport?
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