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The flag monument at the Northern round-a-bout was the venue this morning for a brief visit of thirty-two queens from across Mexico who will compete among each other to represent that country at the Miss Earth Pageant later this year in Thailand. The Miss Earth Mexico 2011 delegation was joined by the reigning and designate Queen of the Bay and Queens of the Bay from New York and California. Following the event, Belize City Mayor, Zenaida Moya told Love News that while today’s event was to welcome thirty two young ambassadors from Mexico, it was planned as part of Belize’s September celebrations to expose Belize internationally.

Zenaida Moya – Mayor, Belize City
“We held the event right here next to our flag monument because again we are trying to ensure that Belize gets all the exposure it deserves and our Miss Earth representative to the Miss Earth pageant in Thailand this November will also get that worldwide publicity that we would want her to get so when she goes into the pageant people would already know about her and would have known about Belize as well.”

The Miss Earth Pageant to select a representative will take place on September eleventh in Chetumal, while the international Miss Earth Pageant will take place on November twelfth in Pattaya, Thailand with over a hundred and thirty countries, including Belize, taking part.

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32 Miss Mexico Earth delegates in Belize

If you were on the northern highway this morning, you would have seen traffic come to a halt. That’s because a lineup of beauties from Mexico were guests of the City. Thirty-two Miss Earth delegates from Mexico dropped by for a day of activities in the city. The bevy of beauties and their chaperones gathered at the Flag Monument for a ceremony along with the local beauty queens and the Belize City Council official. Mayor Zenaida Moya says that the visit by the Mexican delegation is good for Belize.

Zenaida Moya, Belize City Mayor

Zenaida Moya

“Through our sister city relationship we were able to get the contestants, all thirty-two contestants representing the thirty two states of Mexico which as you know has a population of over a hundred and eleven million persons. And we felt that by bringing these ladies here they will also be ambassadors as well for Belize because they will know where Belize is, they’ll know a little bit about Belize, they would’ve met some Belizeans, they would’ve received a warm welcome from Belizeans. And so we ask them through the sister city relationship that we are trying to ensure grows in the area of eco-tourism, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism, to foster more economic business investment and of course cultural exchanges between our two municipality of Belize City and Othon P Blanco. We felt that as in the area of Miss Earth Belize that it’s very key that Belize is promoting eco-tourism and we are doing our best to try and preserve our natural heritage, preserve you know our little part of mother earth right here we have a lot to offer in regards to the environment and biodiversity.”

Miss Earth Mexico will be selected from among the thirty-two delegates on Sunday. The Miss Earth Pageant is set to take place in November in Thailand where Kimberly Robateau will represent Belize.

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Mexican Queens, Meet Our Kissing Councilors!

This morning, residents who live or work on the northside of Belize City were caught up in multiple traffic snares. And that's because the Belcan roundabout was closed for three hours - not for maintenance, but because the city was welcoming 31 Mexican Beauty Queens.

That's one from each Mexican state, from the familiar Quintana Roo to the remote Colima.

They are participating in the Ms. Earth Pageant to be held in Chetumal - and a visit to Belize was one of the preparatory events as part of the Cultural Exchange Program within the Sister City Relationship.

Being Beauty Queens, they arrived a casual two hours late, but no worry, they were greeted with kisses and corsages by the dapper male city councilors:..

Voice of Mayor Zenaida Moya
"Today we hosted the 32 delegates of the 32 states of Mexico. We got this opportunity through the sister city relationship that we share with the municipality of Chetumal. Mexico is a Country that has over one hundred, eleven million persons and so we felt that it was a great opportunity since the Miss Earth Mexico Pageant is being held this year September 11th, this Sunday right in Chetumal and it will give us the opportunity to not only have them know Belize, know a little bit more about Belize since we will be taking them to the museum of Belize and to the old Belize Museum, but they will get the opportunity to meet our own Miss Earth Belize and the representative of Miss Earth Belize to Thailand in November and of course they meet all of our queens, Queen of the Bay pageant and Miss World Pageant and then my Councilors and I along with a delegations of the City Administrator and directors and managers of the Belize City Council share in an official visit to Chetumal in July 20th, where we held discussion that help to foster cultural exchanges between the two municipalities, and so out of that this is what is transpiring - this is one of the events that has already transpired and there after we will go ahead and all the different areas in the medical area, the health area so that to help our people."

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