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Before the candidates took their seats for their formal introduction, they embraced each other in a group prayer. The candidates were introduced one by one after a brief bio of their accomplishments was presented by UDP Chairman, Patrick Faber. Faber spared no words in sharing his bold projections of the slate.

Patrick Faber – Chairman, UDP
“From north to south ladies and gentlemen, from Corozal to Punta Gorda, from Benque Viejo to San Pedro Town we are ready for the municipal elections, let this be the start. Let it be known that we will sweep all of these municipal elections and send the signals to all concerned that we are coming for the general elections.”

Led by Attorney Darrel Bradley as its Mayoral candidate, the UDP is hell-bent on delivering a trashing to their political opponents at the polls come 2012. Bradley, confidently pledged to his party Leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, his commitment to help propel his party to victory.

Darrell Bradley – UDP Mayoral Candidate
“I will pledge to you this morning party leader that the same way that you provide that leadership and you can inspire a nation to move forward and to want to uplift our self, it is the same way that I will commit to you that I will do everything in my power to return the United Democratic Party to the city council. We have a commitment and every single day that we are on the job in city hall we will work hard to ensure that the lives of every single citizen of Belize City is better and we will move forward as one slate into the upcoming general elections and you will see the type of leadership and the type of visionary transformation that we mean to bring to Belize City.”

But when it came down to the crooks of the matter – that is the urgent needs of the city, Barrow said that, if elected, the slate, in partnership with Central Government had an immediate plan for some of Belize City’s decrepit streets.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
“There is the IDB funded project that will see us refurbish streets and construct new drains on the north side of Belize City; in the Belama area in particular we expect to be handsomely looked after as a consequence of this project. On the south side of Belize City, phase two of the South side poverty alleviation project begins in the next couple of weeks. There are several components to that project involving repairs to houses, involving the construction of new homes and involving a great deal of infrastructure works as well, the lining of Collet Canal, the paving from end to end of Central American Boulevard, the paving from end to end of Jane usher Boulevard , remedial works on a number of access streets.”

The UDP slate of councilors includes incumbents: Dean Samuels, Dion Leslie, Roger Espejo, Kevin Singh, Eric Chang and Philip Willoughby and newcomers: Alifa Elrington, Bernard Pitts Junior, Doctor Alain Gonzalez and Michael Theus.

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UDP Launch Slate...

As you might be able to tell from that flag in the background, we spoke to Barrow at a UDP Party function. He was giving his support to the UDP City Council slate that was launched today.

As we showed you at the convention back in August, it's a mix of old and new faces - which - given the state of the city and a less than stellar six year stint in city hall - has made it a tough campaign.

But the UDP is banking on its mayoral candidate, attorney Darrell Bradley - who was introduced with much fanfare today:

Jules Vasquez Reporting

The spruced up stage was set at UDP headquarters and the party's City council 11 was introduced like an all-star team by the party Chairman to hearty applause, enthusiasm fuelled by a slate which includes a medical doctor and two lawyers.

The biggest introduction though was saved for Mayoral Candidate Darrell Bradley - a candidate the party is very proud of:

Hon. Dean Barrow - Party Leader
"This is an outstandingly bright individual. This is an outstandingly articulate individual. This is an outstandingly thoughtful individual. I gather that our opponents are going to have a convention, and certainly the names and the individuals that seeking to become their mayoral candidate, as I said I will do no more than say, have to suffer tremendously by comparison with our mayoral candidate."

Bradley spoke candidly about what has been a sometimes challenging campaign:

Darrell Bradley - UDP Mayoral Candidate
"When we have been on the streets campaigning, people have spoken to us. They've identified to us their concerns, and I will not stand here today, and I will not tell you that this team and I have all the solutions. We do not. The elections will likely be difficult; being City Hall will likely be difficult, but I can say to you that this team, headed by me, we have a commitment. And every single day that we are on the job in City Hall, we will work hard to ensure that the lives of every single citizen of Belize City are better."

Well pitched, but what about the practical realities of taking over from a UDP City council whose performance has been less than stellar?

Hon. Dean Barrow - Party Leader
"Our mayoral candidate has conceded that, of course, it is not an easy road ahead. We've had our difficulties for the period during which we've already been in the City Council, difficulties have principally to do with the lack of finances - with the lack of resources. But I am positive that the people of this city recognize that in the face of the challenges, the current United Democratic Party City Council has worked extremely hard."

Jules Vasquez
"Since being city government for 6 years, the UDP council has not generated a sterling reputation."

Darrell Bradley - UDP Mayoral Candidate
"Well, I think that the idea is a different approach. We come with an approach which will involve a lot of planning, and a lot of changes in terms of the vision that we want to take the council. And I think that when you have that, you are able to attract resources. The Prime Minister has outlined a series of projects which are being unveiled right now, and which will be unveiled and continuing throughout the next municipal term. I will not say that the present city council is immune to the kinds of challenges that have plagued political office in the past, but we feel confident with aligning ourselves with some of the things that they have done."

Jules Vasquez
"Is it hard to go out and campaign on streets that are like, 'This street hasn't been fixed for 10 years'?"

Darrell Bradley
"No it's a reality. Some days I walk to work, and when I walk, you have to step over potholes, you have to avoid the waterholes, the rains, whatever. So, we will not shy away from the challenges of the city. I said that in my presentation. Yes, the city needs changes; yes, the city needs a new infusion of finances to deal with drains and streets, and this is a reality that we have. So, we feel proud to go and campaign on the record of the existing council, and also in the conditions that the city appears in presently, but we will know that we will make a difference."

The team is already on the campaign trail.

Reports are that the PUP slate will be selected at a Convention in late October.

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