Flooding Leaves Freedom Street Sufferers Standed

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Flooding Leaves Freedom Street Sufferers Standed - 10/15/11 11:37 PM

And while the rains are causing river levels to rise, some of the streets in Belize City were running like rivers today. We took our cameras around to see how some trouble streets looked - and I visited one well known trouble area.

Here's what I found:

Monica Bodden Reporting

All over the city, waters rose on bad streets, like the legendary Jane Usher - where bumpers were pushing swells of water, and bicycles were down half a wheel...

And if that was bad, what about Freedom Street? You may recall Roselle Arzu and Juan Canek, 2 residents of Freedom Street in the Port Loyola Area - Who took us into their homes only two weeks ago and showed us the flooding situation they face whenever it rains.

In Canek's case, parts of his house were flooded up to 2 foot in water - while Arzu had a boa constrictor living in her ceiling.

Today both Canek and Arzu -are concerned about the rains that the weatherman has predicted for this weekend - as both homes have already started to flood.

Juan Canek - Freedom Street Resident
"That is only yesterday's rain you're seeing. If it rains today, it will rise, but the problem is at the back where there is a lagoon."

Roselle Arzu - Freedom Street Resident
"I am already flooding out."

Monica Bodden
"And over the weekend, the weatherman calls for rains for the entire weekend. So are you worried about that?"

Roselle Arzu
"Well, I can't worry anymore because I am already in the water. What I have to try to do is to get out as quick as possible. That's all I have to say about that, I can't worry again; I'm already in it. And the bad weather already began from yesterday, so I just have to move out before it get's worst."

Monica Bodden
"Are you worried what this weekend might cause you, because the weatherman cause for rain throughout the weekend? Are you worried?"

Juan Canek
"Yes, I'm concerned, but I really need the help."

Arzu was promised a new house by her area representative and Minister of Works - Boots Martinez... who also said he would pay rent for a temporary place once they dismantled her house.

Roselle Arzu
"So far, I was promised to receive some assistance, but I still haven't gotten it as yet. I got a promise that I could move, and the minister said that he will help me rent a house, but so far, I've gotten nothing as yet. I haven't actually found a house to rent. I haven't really spoken to the Minister as yet on this issue, but I spoke to one of his supervisors on the phone, not in person."

Monica Bodden
"Did he call you?"

Roselle Arzu
"I called him, but we spoke on the phone."

Monica Bodden
"And he told u to find somewhere to stay?"

Roselle Arzu
"He told me to find a house to rent, but nothing too expensive. It's so that I can move out, and they will pay the rent while they fix the street and rebuild the house."

Monica Bodden
"Have you been able to get any assistance for your flooding situation?"

Juan Canek
"Nobody has come. I went to see Mr. Boots at his office and he wasn't there. He said that he was going to send his supervisor, but nobody has come."

And while they say they aren't getting serviced to time, one week ago Area Representative, Boots Martinez, told us that to help them, first, a road has to be built. He said Roselle Arzu will be getting a new house valued at 28 thousand dollars. The building of the house will commence as soon as the road is complete and her lot is filled. That won't happen until November.

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