Major Expansion Plans For City BTL Park

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Major Expansion Plans For City BTL Park - 02/22/13 02:21 PM

The City Council is cement-paving streets at a record pace - but more than that, the Council is also spearheading a million dollar makeover for the BTL Park. Work has started with an ambitious reclamation project - and we found out more from the mayor today:..

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"We are doing a reclamation project for the park and essentially what that will entail is the adding of 30% of park area and that supposed to take 2 months. We are doing the project in phases. When they finished the reclamation work they will do the sea wall with that and then we will completely upgrade the park; new park benches, sidewalks, kiosks, it's going to be a total renovation of the park."

"In terms of reclaiming the sea, have all the necessary environmental clearances have been gotten by the City Council?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"Yes, this has been a project that has been talked about for some time now in excess of 2 years. What we did when we took office, we looked at certain areas of activity that would really give the city a major boost and this BTL Park as something that we identified as being of major significance. A lot of the ground work has already been put in place in terms of obtaining the designs and the necessary approvals from the Department of the environment, the land reclamation - all those things have been signed off from the Department of the Environment already."

Jules Vasquez
"As I recall your manifesto you promise a beach at this location. We won't have the beach?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"There is a design to put 150 feet pier that will lead into the Caribbean Sea and that will allow for interaction with the water because what we are seeing is the water quality right now here is not that good; it doesn't lend itself for a beach. If we are doing the reclamation and the reclamation will go out 50 feet into the water, the water quality out there is a little better and if we are doing this pier which is an additional 150 feet; the water quality at that would be 200 feet is much more improved."

The project will raise the park about 6 inches and it is funded by the city council BTL and CARILED.

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Re: Major Expansion Plans For City BTL Park - 04/11/13 11:01 AM

Upgraded Park and Beach Reclamation To Be Completed In June

Meanwhile, in a matter of two months, the BTL Park will be ready to accommodate residents with a much more aesthetically pleasing environment. Mayor Bradley says that the seawall and reclamation aspect will be completed in two weeks and the whole park should be ready in time for the summer holidays.


“The BTL project is an impressive project; for a long time people have been talking about having a beach and upgraded park in Belize City and we are very pleased that we were able through our efforts with restructuring our finance and improve collection from our tax sources to be able to fund this and the sea wall and reclamation is going to be finished in 2 weeks and when that work is finished, the contractor will raise the park six inches, the entire park, even the original park and the reclaimed sections and they will be putting down grass. We are going to build a very nice amphitheatre that will allow for large concerts. We are going to build extended foot path that will allow for exercise in various times through the day and for persons just to walk with their kids and family activities. We will build on each of the sides a food court and we can accommodate 18 businesses.

Bowen & Bowen has pledged already that they will contribute the kiosks and these will not be the kiosks like octanes in the park presently. We are going to build very nice attractive kiosks, permanent structure and of course preference is being given to the people who are in the park currently, As part of our open for business campaign, we want to use these spaces, if we could, generate more business activities so if persons would want to go into the park to apply their trades: sell food or sell other kinds of products or items, they will be able to do so and we will have activities for that. We are also going to build a 200ft pier into the sea and that will be a 200 ft by 30 ft pier and that will allow for interaction with the water. We have already talked to people from the environmental department to look at the quality of the water, of course because of the reclamation further out into the sea and the quality of the water there is better and with the pier going out a further 200 ft into the water, we are thinking that the quality will allow for interaction for people to be able to swim and engage so that it will be a true beach in Belize City. We had some consultants come and they had looked at the beautiful and the water and the first question they asked was, ‘where is the beach?’ and within a very short period of time we will be able to say that that will be the beach located within the precincts of Belize City and we expect that that project will be completed by the ending of June of this year, fully completed.

There will be no fee levied against persons to use it. One of the things that we are going into is we are trying to see how we could work with the stake holders and have an impact on public spaces. One of the areas that we have identified as critical is providing people in particular families and children with safe areas where they could recreate for very inexpensive amounts and they could just enjoy themselves. We are going to have, there is a police booth that is originally located at BTL park, we are still going to maintain that. We are going to have our special constables who are going to regularly patrol at the park as they do with all of our places throughout Belize City. We are going to encourage people to be responsible when they use that park but there will no plans for us to charge any user fee. So, that people will be able to buy food and be able to recreate in the park; they will be able to enjoy concerts for the park; they will be able swim and enjoy the pier and we think that will be an ‘A’ class venue and a safe venue where people could just enjoy themselves for free.”

Almost a million dollars is being invested in the BTL Park project.


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