Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down

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Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 11/27/16 02:01 PM

This morning, there was a big fire at Chateau Caribbean.
I just received confirmation that the beautiful waterfront colonial building is completely destroyed.

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Re: Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 11/27/16 04:15 PM

This used to be the best place in Belize to get a t-bone steak meal back in the late 70's/early 80's. It is truly a historical landmark. This is a real shame.
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Chateau Caribbean destroyed by fire - 11/28/16 05:55 AM

A fire has destroyed the Chateau Caribbean in Belize City.

The blaze started at around 8:30 this morning on the second floor and quickly spread to the first floor. No one was hurt and fire fighters are still on the scene fighting the blaze.

Reports are that the fire started from the kitchen.

From a friend....

This is so sad. I have very fond memories of this place, it was in June 1979 that I first met my then to be future wife, it was known as Zorba the Greeks back then, I was there during the filming of the Dogs of War as well later on the same tour of Belize.

It was definitely past it's grand old days but it was one of the few cool old colonial buildings. And a decent, not too expensive place to stay on the water in Belize City. Nice people, too. The Chateau is next door to the Radisson Fort George Hotel.

The old wooden building reportedly became ablaze in the kitchen. It quickly spread from there. Someone at the site says "Fire crews keep bring new trucks with more water...Guests had to be quickly evacuated from breakfast." The building and its staircase was featured in a scene in the Christopher Walken Movie "Dogs of War."

The building was first used to house Holden Memorial Hospital. I recall my mother saying I was born somewhere between the kitchen and the bathroom. Perhaps that's why I liked long showers and good food.



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Re: Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 11/28/16 12:22 PM

Charred Chateau Caribbean: the morning after

Pics courtesy of Gordon Kirkwood.

Here is a bit of Chateau Caribbean history via Museum of Belize

The Chateau Caribbean, a beautiful historic building suffered devastating loss this Sunday as a fire engulfed the building. This beautiful building was built in the early 1900's. It was 100% built by Canadian Ceder. It was built and assembled in Canada, then dismantled, shipped to Belize, and reassembled in the spot where it was until yesterday. It was owned by the Biddle family and was the most expensive home built of its time. It survived the Hurricanes of 1931 and 1961. It later became known as the Holden Memorial Hospital under the care of Dr McCleary. This building was truly a magnificent home and a tremendous loss to our historical heritage.

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Re: Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 11/29/16 06:17 AM

Belize City Landmark Destroyed

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Re: Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 04/19/17 11:31 AM

Another Fire At Chateau After Building Already Burnt Down

Viewers will remember the iconic Chateau Caribbean on Marine Parade, which was almost completely destroyed by a huge fire at the end of November.

That was just 5 months or so ago, but on Easter Monday morning, there was another blaze in the remains of that 3 storey building. It caused another headache for the Fire Department, who had to extinguish another fire in a building that had already burnt down. More vexing for the fire department is that preliminary indications are that someone intentionally lit what's left of the building on fire.

Today, one of the spokespersons for the Fire Department discussed the investigations into what appears to be arson:

Orin Smith, Station Manager - Belize National Fire Service
"On Monday April 18, 2017 at approximately 3:08pm, the National Fire Services received a report from the police of a fire at the burnt site of the Chateau Caribbean. Two units were dispatched to that location. On arrival on the scene, visible flames and smoke was seen coming from the north concrete section of the structure. The fire department got into operation to extinguish the structure. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished. The site of the premise is own by one Mr. Lin Lue. Preliminary investigation revealed that the fire originated on a lower section of that structure. The cause of that fire is still under investigation."

"Is it possible that there was any leftover material from the fire in November that caught again?"

Orin Smith, Station Manager - Belize National Fire Service
"There were certainly materials that were unburnt or I should say incomplete burning, that was left over from the November fire. However, there was no activity going on at that site. No one occupied the structure and scientifically for a fire to occur there needs to be 3 elements that has to be combined; fuel, heat and oxygen. There was a source of fuel there from the previous fire. Oxygen is always plentiful in the air around us. However, there was no, or supposedly heat source, since there is no electrical current or any activity going on at the site. For a heat source to have been present, there is the possibility of human intervention."

"So while you are saying that the investigation has not been conclusive, would it be safe to venture and say that it was an incendiary fire?"

Orin Smith, Station Manager - Belize National Fire Service
"One can speculate such. However, I would prefer to refrain from saying such, until the investigation is concluded."

Channel 7

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Re: Sad news: Chateau Caribbean burned down - 06/08/18 11:02 AM

Chateau Caribbean Hotel Drone

A drone video of the Belize Chateau Caribbean Hotel. March 2018, 500 days after the fire, with a little history of the building.
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