Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Being Repaired

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Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Being Repaired - 11/02/19 10:49 AM

Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Still Closed

"Danger Hole!" That's the sign that's been greeting pedestrians at the western walkway on the Swing Bridge since August. Those coming up that side of the bridge then have to a bob and weave through moving traffic to get across to the other walkway which is opened.

In August the Belize City Council said the bridge was in bad shape - and then we saw the city manager's father, Bill Lindo fixing it. He told us he didn't have the contract - but was qualified for the job, which, he claimed was costing less than $20,000 dollars. Well, we're sure that number has been exceeded, and when we called Lindo for an update today he declined comment and directed us to the City Council who he said would be sending a press release.

We tried to get that release from the City Council's public relations this evening and were told that the Mayor will address this issue in an interview on Monday. We'll wait and see.

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Re: Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Being Repaired - 11/06/19 12:17 PM

Historical Swing Bridge Being Repaired

Repairs on the historical Swing Bridge continue in the downtown area of the City. The Belize City Councilís initial assessment of the state of the Swing Bridge revealed serious structural issues which means that further work is required. Areas that requite urgent attention include severely rotted guard rails, deteriorated base plates and gaps on the pedestrian walkway. Mayor Bernard Wagner says the Council took the immediate decision to close a side of the pathway and undertake these repairs to avoid any risk to residents.

Bernard Wagner, Belize City Mayor

ďThat bridge has been there for two administrations; two mayors actually, Mayor Zenaida Moya and Mayor Darrell Bradley. It is an issue thatís been there for fifteen years. None of the previous councils ever looked at the risks they are posing to our residents who traversed that bridge every day. We at a City Council could have sit back and say we will leave the bridge there but what we did we said no. This poses a danger to the residents of our city. We need to do an assessment of the bridge and so when we went in we had the contractor looked at the initial assessment. We took our engineer and when you fix a house and as you dig in you find a broken bean and you dig deeper and you find all that is wrong. We want to get it right. We will not for political expediency put the lives of our residents in danger and if it has to take five, six months to get it right we will get it right. I am not saying that it will take five or six months. We are nearing the end of the road with that side of the bridge. We do have the other side as well that need repairs. Our fix right now is a temporary fix. It will give us a year and a half to two years to give us a break. We need a new bridge. That is a bottom line. But we cannot have the residents of our city in clear and present danger.Ē

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Re: Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Being Repaired - 11/30/19 10:57 AM

The Swing Bridge in downtown Belize City closed for repairs in August, and since then - its caused quite an inconvenience to pedestrians who have to dart through traffic to cross the bridge - because the western walkway has been closed for repairs. Finally, today that was opened and then they closed the eastern walkway! And thatís where Jules pounced on the man the mayor called the contractor and a certified engineer Bill Lindo. And, in classic Jules and Bill style - they rumbled and rambled in an interview that is part journalism, part entertainment. Here goes:Ö

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