Save a Croc in Belize

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Save a Croc in Belize - 03/06/08 04:50 PM

Save a Croc in Belize
Posted By: skippy

Re: Save a Croc in Belize - 01/04/09 03:24 AM

"Itís nine oíclock at night and pitch black outside on the murky waters of the New River in northern Belize. An airboat carrying a group of tourists and two guides zips along, plowing through tall grasses and across marshy floodplains on this cool evening. The tourists, who sport noise-blocking headphones and life vests, anxiously follow the spotlight as one guide darts it from bank to bank across the dark expanse of river. After about a half hour, the boat slows, and the spotlight illuminates two shiny red dots beaming up from the shallow waters: The telltale eyes of a Moreletís crocodile."

Maybe it's just me, but I think you would REALLY be saving that crocodile if you did not do any of those things and just stayed home and left it alone. Air boat. Spotlight. Give me a break.
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