Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Posted By: Amanda Syme

Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 12/05/00 06:04 PM

Just spent an overnight trip at Lamanai Outpost Lodge.

Excellent, personalised service!

Beautiful tropical and exotic landscaping. The Black Orchids (national flower of Belize) were in full bloom.

Accommodations were basic and very, very clean.

Food was filling, tasty and nicely presented.

The surrounding jungle was thrilling. The resident howler monkey put in an appearance at about 4 a.m. What an eerie sound... quite exciting.

The lake tour was interesting, with a knowledgable guide.

The ruins are just a short hike away.

One of the best wine lists I have seen in Belize.

Would I recommend this to a friend? You bet.

Mark and Monique made us welcome and comfortable ... like visiting old friends.

They offer birding tours, night time "spot light" tours, tours to the ruins and much more.

A huge thumbs up!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 12/06/00 12:54 AM


I totally agree with your assessment of Lamanai Outpost. Fine place and beautiful setting.

Mark's dad was one of the smartest resort operators in Belize. He knew how to build'em and how to run'em.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 12/06/00 04:03 PM

we will be arriving in Belize (Caye Caulker) the end of Dec for a couple of weeks. could you please give information on cost and how to make reservations for the Lamani Outpost? And did you go on a tour boat there? A few years ago I went on a tour with an elderly Creole man, Crocodile was great! But I've heard his home has been torn down and no word about him any longer. thanks for any info you can give.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 12/06/00 04:30 PM

Here's information on Lamanai Outpost Lodge reservations, etc. from my new book, Belize First Guide to Mainland Belize. We give Lamanai Outpost four stars out of a possible five.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine

[Four Stars] Lamanai Outpost Lodge. Lamanai Outpost is another extraordinary jungle lodge. One of the reasons itís so special is the setting. Built by the late Colin Howells, a legend in hospitality circles in Belize, Lamanai Outpost perches on a low hillside with a view of the beautiful New River Lagoon. The lodge has 17 rooms, recently refurbished, in thatch cabaŮas set among hillside gardens. The lodge is closely involved with archeological and nature study programs through the Lamanai Field Research Center. The center has resident naturalists, archeologists, ornithologists and biologists. On one visit here, my children enjoyed meeting grad students from the University of Texas who were doing crocodile research in the New River Lagoon. We went along on a night trip to catch crocs (fortunately, that night they didnít catch any.) Managers Mark and Monique Howells, Colin Howellsí son and daughter-in-law, do a terrific job with the lodge, in everything from supervising the housekeeping to providing security. Many guests here are from Elderhostel programs, but kids love Lamanai, as there always seem to be monkeys, parrots and other creatures around. Monique takes in injured or abandoned animals and cares for them until they can be returned to their natural homes. For adults, next to the new open-air dining room, in what was the former restaurant, thereís now a bar and lounge, The Diggerís Roost, with archaeological memorabilia and a full-size reproduction of a Lamanai stela showing Lord Smoking Shell. A new dock extends 130 feet into the lagoon and is good place for star gazing and swimming ó just keep an eye out for Olí Mister Croc. Birding is superb in this area, with at least 370 species identified within a two-mile radius of the lodge. The Lamanai ruins and archeological reserve are within walking distance, as is a small community butterfly education center, Xochil Ku. Indian Church village is also within walking distance, and near the village are the ruins of two Spanish churches. Donít miss taking a night-spotting tour (US$36 per person) ó the New River Lagoon and New River are fascinating at night. Rates: US$125 double Nov. 1-Apr. 30, US$99 the rest of year. Meals per person cost US$8 for breakfast, US$12 lunch and US$22 dinner. All-inclusive packages (covering room, meals, transfers from Belize City, tax and tours) are US$440 per person double occupancy in-season, US$400 off-season, for two nights, and US$580 in-season, US$520 off-season for three nights. AE, MC, V accepted. In Belize, tel. 501-2-33578, fax 2-12061; e-mail [email protected]; or contact Ellen Howell in the U.S., tel. 888-733-7864, fax 727-864-4062, e-mail [email protected];
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Re: Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 12/07/00 06:02 PM

Cool. We plan on going in May. Cannot wait!
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