Animal cruelty

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Animal cruelty - 03/06/13 02:23 AM

On the day of March 5th 2013, a school teacher at The Belize High School of Agriculture in Orange Walk instructed a group of male students to capture a howler monkey in the nearby bushes behind the school’s plantation area. According to a student the teacher told him and the rest of the guys that the howler monkey had defecated on him while he was sleeping in the bushes.
On this day the students were dismissed a little after 1o’clock due to the absence of water. The ringing bell that indicated dismissal was over passed by the uproar of students as the group of males carried the injured and bleeding monkey through the school as if they were heroes for what they had done. Some of the other teachers and I were disturbed by such a cruel and inhumane act. After speaking to several students it was known that the boys had been shooting the monkey with sling shots, beating the monkey with tree limbs and then tied the monkey’s hands and feet so that he /she couldn’t run away. My question today is WHY? Why hurt one Belize’s own animals?! This inhumane act done instructed by one of BHSA’s ignorant and asinine teacher will not be overlooked! Something must be done!
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M.O.B. This is an illegal act against a protected species in Belize and should be reported to the police and the Forest Department. Not only should the teacher be prosecuted but there will need to be work done with the students to make sure they understand what they have done and so that they understand why it can never happen again.
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Agreed, agreed, agreed. That is HORRIBLE.
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Why was the teacher 'sleeping in the bush?" Has this been reported?
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This is not known yet but if proper investigation is done the answer is sure to come up.
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We got your message as well on The Humane Society facebook page. Thank you for reaching out. You are doing the right thing. You need to contact BAHIA and Central Farms in Cayo. These folks dont read messageboards. I will call them for you tomorrow. These crimes get so overlooked here and its just plain stupid, a teacher like that should not be teaching our children anything...Can someone explain to me why school officials get to go home due to lack of water? Our Principle was off on Caye Caulker with a sign on the door saying she was gone due to lack of water. All the other teachers and students were in school???? Then we saw her in the City.
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Thank you, we need to make this more public so that something can be done. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Its so appalling that this type of abuse occurs to defenseless animals especially headed by a teacher when he/she should be advocating for the protection of Belize's natural resources.It makes you wonder what kind of teachers are in our Institutions. I did some investigations into this incident and I was told that the Forestry Department was at the school yesterday investigating but what type of investigations was done I am not sure because students,teachers nor other staff were interviewed.However, while watching channel 7 news this evening they made mention about it so now I hope that proper investigations will be conducted. According to the news the howler monkey is being attended by a vet and his condition is delicate and criminal charges will be brought to the ones responsible. I hope they do so more people will be encouraged to report more cruelty to animals or other abuse against humanity to the proper authorities.
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The Forestry department attended the school as soon as this was reported to them by the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network. The monkey was no longer at the school but was in the custody of someone else. The monkey was retrieved by the Forestry department and transported to Belize City where it was examined by a vet. The Monkey may lose an eye. It is not thought that he has any broken bones, but is bruised and also has a few cuts.
Depending on the outcome of his recovery, this monkey may be released, released after rehab, or euthanised.

Just in case anyone is not aware, there is a wildlife hotline that is free for BTL users. You can call this hotline number for any wildlife issues. The line is answered 24 hours a day, all calls will be answered. The Forestry department will be notified, and it will normally be up to them how they decide to respond. After hours in emergency cases, someone from the Belize Conservation Wildlife Network may give advice, or may transport wildlife to a vet. Otherwise the responsibility for all wildlife is vested with the Forestry department.

SMART users unfortunately cannot connect to BTL freephone numbers, but the number is the same without the 0800. Please make a note of this number, put it in your smartphone as a contact, or stick it on your fridge with a magnet.

Belize Wildlife Hotline
BTL: 0800 822 8888 --- SMART: 822 8888
Or 605 8888
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Howler Monkey Mauled

An adult male howler monkey is clinging to life after it was badly beaten up by humans - allegedly high school students - in Orange Walk.

According to Wildlife Officer Rasheda Garcia at the Forestry Department, they received a report on Wednesday morning that the howler had been savagely beaten on the grounds of the Belize High School of Agriculture in Orange Walk the day before. According to the report, a teacher had told some boys at the school to kill the monkey because it had defecated on him while he was sleeping in the bushes.

The report said that in the afternoon the students brought down the monkey with a slingshot, then beat it with tree limbs, tied up its hands and feet and dragged it unto the school grounds.

Again, this is just the report that was posted on the net, it could not be confirmed by us or by the Forestry Department which is investigating.

But, the monkey was on the school grounds, badly injured and barely alive. A teacher rescued it and took it home to try and save it - which is when the Forestry Department got the report, and took it from the teacher's house to a vet in Belize City. According to Garcia, the monkey is in a quote, "really, really bad condition."

One of its eyes are severely damaged and it will likely lose that eye. It also has a broken tooth and a busted lip, but fortunately no broken bones. More worryingly it also has head trauma and has been experiencing seizures. It has to be spoon-fed as it cannot nourish itself.

Garcia says her department is intent on finding out who is responsible and bringing criminal charges for illegal hunting - which includes molesting protected animals. Howler and spider monkeys are listed as endangered species in Belize.

And while that it the plan, so far the Forestry Department has not been able to confirm that story or identify the culprits.

Channel 7

Endangered Howler Monkey Found Badly Beaten Behind School Campus

Belize has a diverse ecosystem of wildlife and natural resources. Some of the most exotic animals that inhabit Belize are great tourist attractions and this morning, our newsroom received a report of a Howler Monkey that appears to have been severely injured. The male howler monkey was rescued yesterday in Orange Walk by the Forestry Department of Belmopan. Our news room has learnt that a male howler monkey was found severely injured two days ago behind the compound of the Belize High School of Agriculture. Whether or not the howler monkey was found injured or if it was harmed when it was found are questions that have not been answered. When we contacted the school this afternoon we were told that they have no comments on the matter as it is being investigated by the Forestry Department in Belmopan. We then called the Forestry office in Belmopan and the response was the same; no comment.

Reliable information by credible sources to our newsroom indicates that after the monkey was found by a student, the Forestry Department was called in. Officials from the department arrived yesterday evening accompanied by a veterinarian who treated the adult male howler monkey. We were also informed that the injuries on the monkey are life threatening and officials believe that he might not survive. However, we were not told what type of injuries the monkey has. We understand that the Forestry Department should complete their investigation by next week after which they will reveal their findings.


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Looking at these pictures i wonder how you can sit just back and sweep it under the rug. I know they are animals but they have a right to live too.If we are teaching our younger and future generations to protect the world and save it from violence you deal with injustices like this before they escalate into violence among humans like sad to say we are experiencing nowadays then we wonder why things are the way they are.
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Bullshit! The howler monkey was not found in that condition. How naive are you? The forestry dep wasn't called after the monkey was found either, after this incident was posted is when they became aware. According to some sources today was a hectic and busy day at the school grounds, As everyone involved were getting their stories straight for when the Forestry dep reached. Supposingly the monkey was found injured. -_-" IN REALITY for some reason teacher Angel Carillo was in the bushes behind the schoolgrounds when he came across two Howler monkeys, one of which defecated on him. This enraged the teacher so when he went to his next class he informed students (Fernando,Geovanny,Brian and Elias) That he would award them lunch for a week to whoever captures the monkey. After taking them to exact place in the bushe where he had seen the monkeys the boys began the search.(This was in the morning) The boys found the two monkeys on top of a tree and then began stoning the monkeys with slingshots. This chase lasted until about 1o'clock when they managed to get one of the monkeys to fall down by brute force.(Thankfully the other monkey managed to escape) Sadly upon falling down the boys then began hitting and kicking the defenceless creature. They then tied the monkey's hands and feet with a cloth belt. At this moment the buzzer rang for dismissal and when the students were heading to the bus the guys emerged from the bushes with the mauled monkey. They carried it through the school and infront of the vice principal's office where the crowd of students caught up with the boys and monkey. At this time phones of all shapes and colors could be seen taking pictures of this cruelty. After the students left the school's caretaker released the monkey but being in the condition it was it didn't get far. This is when teacher Cawich and his son from Trinidad came and found the monkey in an almost dead state. If the monkey was in such a critical condition that it couldn't even move how is it possible that it made its way out of the deep bushes to the schoolgrounds? Wouldn't it just die in the bushes? Haa! Where is the logic in that? There are plenty of footage and witnesses but the witnesses won't speak up beacuse of the fear of what the administration would do to them. I am glad that these students were brave enough to seek help, I just hope that their efforts weren't in vain since it seems that the teacher and students responsible are making a clean get away.
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Like they say an eye for an eye. Something must be done!!! I have just been informed that the howler monkey has passed away due to serious injury. There is a reward for anyone with information/pics/videos that can help us prove what has happened. Animal cruelty is a serious offence and will be dealt with in that manner.
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Its awful and tragic that there is no respect and regard for life.There was no need for this vile act of savagery. We can plainly see that everything was staged to cover up the culprits.The report that the vet gave was that the monkey received massive head injuries. How could he have fallen from a tree or fight with each other and just receive head injuries.Come on a monkey falling off a tree who are you trying to fool.What upsets me the most is the cover up. What are we teaching the students irresponsibility... you can do whatever you want and lie your way through but for how long do you think you can hide and run? What about taking responsibility for what you do; can't you see we are creating a callous society. How can this teacher discipline the students, there in no respect for him or the school authority for that matter. Do we want this biology teacher and sport representative to teach our students? You teach by example. This animal was seeking a new habitat because its the first time that they are seen and reported behind the school grounds because its an area I was told that is frequently visited by the students where they would collect sticks etc. to use in their agriculture classes; not knowing than in its quest for a better home death would be lurking among the people that should have offered it protection.You people in authority Ministry of Education did he tell you why he was sleeping in the bushes when he should have been in his class? Forestry, do you believe the monkey fell from a tree or that he was found there? Come on, people are not so foolish. Do your job well without being bias. Conduct proper investigations and the truth will come up. I know that you are hoping its a lie but believe its the truth as horrible and embarrassing as it is. LET JUSTICE PREVAIL!!!!
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Update on monkey. Please see below.

"Wildtracks Update: We are very sad to announce that the adult howler monkey from Orange Walk was too beaten, weak, and injured to recover, and died late this afternoon. Postings suggest that the injuries sustained by this animal - a globally endangered species, and one of Belize's best known natural assets - was the victim of major animal cruelty.

There is no excuse for this...this is not a case of human-wildlife conflict, but one of cruelty, pure and simple. This animal did not deserve to suffer that way it has over this last week, to die slowly and in pain. This is not a lesson our children should learn.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Mahatma Ghandi."
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The howler sustained massive head injuries, had convulsions and suffered a terrible death. They could do the same to a human being and all, including the teacher, should be dealt with as such
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This was such a cruel and sick example of what children are capable of without sensible adult supervision. I am repulsed and enraged by this incident.

Those of us that live on the island can only dream about enjoying a view of a howler monkey or falling asleep and waking up hearing their booming calls.

I am ill over this.
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Each time my mind is at rest I think of this dear Creature who simply was living his day as any living being might. Then suddenly plucked from his environment; tortured, brutally beaten, bound and beaten again.......My eyes feel with tears and I feel my blood heat up in anger.....He continued to suffer in the company of strangers in a world unfamiliar until his death. We cannot let this happen again, ever! What horrors wait the next creature or Peer that meets this young mob and their Teacher.....??

I am also sick in my heart & soul over this event.
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to M.O.B

contact me at 672-5152
my name is hipolito novelo, reporter for ctv3 news and i would like to make sure that the truth is reveal...
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Principal Dishes Out About Students Who Beat Up Howler Monkey

Last night we told you about the badly injured Howler Monkey that was rescued by the Forestry Department after it was found behind the campus of the Belize High School of Agriculture on March 5th. The male monkey is presently being treated for its injuries yet all indications are that it might not survive. How the adult male monkey received its injuries is cause for speculation and a teacher and a group of students from the Belize High School of Agriculture located in the Village of San Lazaro in Orange Walk, are at the centre of the dispute. Allegations are that a teacher of the institution instructed a group of students to capture and kill the endangered species. Yesterday we were unable to get comment from the school but today Principal Cecilo Pech decided to speak out and clarified some of the allegations made against the institution.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

This adult male monkey is tonight suffering from injuries to its tooth, lip and from all indications can lose an eye. The animal is presently receiving treatment at Wild Tracks, a Monkey Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District. We understand that veterinarians are doing everything possible to save the animal’s life.

An online blog on states that a group of students captured the monkey in the nearby bushes behind the schools plantation area, after they were instructed by a teacher to do so because the monkey had defecated on him. The blog says that the students shot at the monkey with sling shots after which the animal was beaten and tied.

Further allegations suggest that the group of male students carried the injured and bleeding monkey throughout the school flaunting what they had done. But as they say there are two sides to every story and today we went looking for the high school’s version of what happened.

Reports are that the monkey, along with others of its kind, was first cited by a male teacher at about 9:30am behind the campus of the Belize High School of Agriculture on March 5th. And it was all down hill from there.

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“Now when it comes to those allegations do you think that they have any substance?”

cecilip_pech_ctv3Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“Not at all because I don’t see how the teacher would be sleeping in the bush as the allegations are claiming in the news. Students don’t have sling shots in the school. I don’t know how all of a sudden they would have sling shots/ I don’t see how either a teacher will tell the students to kill the monkey. That section that was in the media, I don’t think it was correct.”

“I got to know until after school when the animal was in the compound and it appeared hurt. I am not sure how it happened. I tried to inquire with the students and they are claiming that they found it in that condition but I cannot vouch for them. I spoke with the teacher concern and he did informed me that he cited the monkey in the nearby bush and with the excited he told the students that there was a howler monkey there just for the student to know. Later that particular student informed another little group who started to go and see the monkey.”

According to Principal Cecilo Pech, despite the teacher’s instructions the group of 4 male 3rd form students went ahead and captured the monkey and in the process injured the animal.

Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“They told the teacher that they could capture it for a pet. The teacher told them that it is very difficult to capture a monkey so don’t bother it. He said he left but he denies at all times that there is any instance in which he told them to capture the monkey. So that is his side of the story.”

“They (students) claim that the monkey couldn’t move quickly and so they thought that they could probably capture it. What they used, apparently, a piece of stick with a crotch to bring it down. They even cut the limb of the tree where the monkey was and when it fell, with the same piece of stick that they had, they kind of put it towards him to hold it down. Because I guess that the monkey wanted the bite them or something and they brought it back to school to show the other students.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“The natural instincts of the monkey would indicate to him that he is in danger and therefore defend itself.”

Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“Exactly. Well that is a part of his nature yes. So the students- being boys they never think of their actions sometimes.”

beated_monkey_ctv3The male Howler Monkey received severe injuries. All indications are that he was fighting for his freedom.

Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“It is a possibility that in the process of capturing that they hurt and- but I guess their intentions was not to actually hurt it because they claim they wanted to have it, as a school of agriculture, they wanted to add it to the other animals and be an exhibit for the school. That is what they are claiming.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“That obviously back fired because this has caused a huge black eye to the school.”

Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“Exactly, unfortunately it gives us a bad image in that respect even though the intention was not that. But it is not something that I will support either. I don’t deny that the monkey was hurt. It was hurt unfortunately as you mention in the process of wanting to capture it but it is just a matter that they don’t want to admit it at this time.”

Hipolito Novelo, Reporter

“Do you believe their version of this story?”

Cecilio Pech, Principal BHSA

“Well, as a principal I know by experience that students will never admit what they do. We have to actually go through a process of investigating until finally if they don’t admit the committee of the school will make a decision on any actions that they do.”

Presently the Forestry Department is conducting an investigation and if the students are found guilty for the act committed against the howler monkey, they can be criminally charged for “Illegal Hunting”. Hipolito Novelo for CTV 3 News

As we reported last night, the Forestry Department is not commenting on the matter until after their investigation is completed. Secondly, as we were leaving the school grounds today, officials from the Forestry Department arrived at the institution to take the official statements of the four students and the male teacher. Finally, Principal Pech told us that if the Forestry Department concludes that the four students committed a criminal act, the high school will also take actions against them and they will either be suspended or expelled.


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I was contacted the day this happened, as I am The Director of a Humane Society here, it was not sling shots, as of the first report, but rocks, and then sticks, no mention of sling shots. One teacher took the Monkey home, others were afraid of what they saw. Now its sling shots and the teacher wants to be a hero. Shame on him. It was a report from teahers that said he was sleeping in the bush,not unusual to do during lunch break. now not only has he hurt our local children by advocating to animal cruelty, but he has advocated for them to lie..not a lesson our children need. This teacher who other teachers were afraid of needs to face his crimes.
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Much Harassed Howler Monkey Dies; Students Will Be Charged

Last week we told you about the Howler Monkey that was seriously injured -allegedly by schoolboys at Orange Walk Agricultural High School.

Well, it died on Friday evening at the Wildtracks Monkey Rehabilitation Facility in northern Belize. The mature male howler monkey had serious head trauma and had been experiencing seizures after a gang of buys shot it with slingshots and then beat it to within inches of its life. These photos are of its actual capture - when it was tied up.

The Forest Department issued a release today saying that it will be laying charges against the offenders. It adds, quote, "such cruelty is appalling and will not be tolerated" end quote.

The release adds that it is illegal to hunt or capture wildlife without a valid permit. That includes the howler and spider monkey as well as about 20 other wild animals.

Another release, this one from the management of Community Baboon Sanctuary says it is outraged at the brutal beating of a howler monkey which lead to its death in the Orange Walk district.

It adds that Howler Monkeys are peaceful animals that are not a threat to the general public. They are also strictly vegetarians eating only wild fruits and leaves.

Channel 7

Howler Monkey Dies, Forest Department Will Prosecute

Since last week we have been following the story of the adult male howler monkey that was savagely beaten, allegedly by four 3rd form students of the Belize High School of Agriculture under the direction of one of their male teachers. As previously mentioned, the monkey sustained injuries to one of its eye, nose, tooth and lip.

Despite attempts to save the animals life, the male monkey passed away on Friday at about 4:30pm at the Wild Tracks Centre, a Monkey Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja Village, where it was receiving treatment. While there, the monkey was on drips and was highly sedated. But according to officials from the centre, the injuries inflicted on the animal were too severe for his body to cope with. Officials also told us that there were signs of strangulation and the injuries inflicted to the monkey are a clear indication of animal cruelty.

Howler monkeys are endangered species and as such are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and the Forest Act of the substantive Laws of Belize. It is illegal to hunt/capture wildlife without a valid permit and this also means that to kill, take or molest by any method is considered as illegal. So who will be held responsible for the monkey’s death? So far the four students have told the Principal of BHSA that they found the monkey already injured and as for the teacher’s involvement, well he has stated that he never instructed the students to kill the monkey after it had defecated on him as is being reported.

However, a number of students are reporting a totally different account of what happened and many of them took pictures and videos. These pictures were submitted to the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network via its facebook page. The pictures show students tying up the howler monkey.

Late this evening the Forest Department sent of a press release stating and we quote, “The forest department does not take the incident lightly and will be laying charges against the offenders. Such cruelty is appalling and will not be tolerated.” end of quote. The management of the Community Baboon Sanctuary also sent a press release late this evening in which it states that it is outraged at the brutal beating of the howler monkey. The release says and we quote, “We applaud all those who acted quickly to render aid to the monkey and we want to encourage those with information to assist those conducting the investigation so that this type of behavior won't rear its ugly head again.” end quote. Both the Forestry Department and the Community Baboon Sanctuary are asking all those students and teachers who took pictures and videos of the incident to turn them in.


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Re: Animal cruelty - 03/15/13 01:34 PM

Government Minister Comments On Cruel Capture of Howler Monkey

The subsequent death of a howler monkey after having been allegedly captured by students and a teacher at the Belize High School of Agriculture in the Orange Walk District has sparked much controversy, not only because the species is protected in Belize but because of the inhumane conditions that the monkey underwent while in capture. In a press release by the Forest Department, they explain that hunting according to the Wildlife Protected Act means quote “to kill, take or molest by any method and includes attempting to kill, take or molest by any method, any species of wildlife” end quote. Minister of Forestry Lisel Alamilla today commented on the issue.


“Anything that threatens the safety of an animal really, is something that the forest department is concerned about and in Belize, the WildLife Act requires that we have a permit for any hunting; people have not been adhering to that and again that is something we are educating people about that any kind hunting requires a permit and any commercialization of these species, for example. hicatee or any bush meat that you’re going to be trading on it or selling it at a restaurant, you really are required to apply for a permit that costs two thousand dollars. Any breach of the wildlife act, you have a fine of five hundred dollars but as a country really we really have to be concerned about acts that are in humane. There’s nothing wrong with hunting but what transpired with the monkey in Orange Walk as has been reported so far, is really not a good reflection on our society. That wasn’t hunting just incredible violence against an animal that poses no threat to society.”

Love News understands that the students and the teacher will be hit with charges.


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Re: Animal cruelty - 03/16/13 02:39 PM

Students Speak Out About What Really Happened To Howler Monkey

Last night we aired the video footage showing 4 male students of the Belize High School of Agriculture assaulting the black howler monkey that was found badly injured on the grounds of the Belize High School of Agriculture on March 5th. So far, except for the Principal of the high school, no one else has come forward to explain exactly what happen, that is until tonight. There have been a number of speculations, including, that a teacher of the high school ordered a group of students to kill the monkey after it defecated on him while he was sleeping in some bushes located behind the school, a report which Principal Cecilio Pech has denied.

However, according to students of the high school, one of their male teachers has a lot do with what transpired on March 5th. According to the students, the male teacher instructed the group to capture the monkey after the animal urinated on him. In order to protect the identity of the students their voice has been altered.

Voice of Students

“They did not find the monkey that way. That is a lie. We were there. We weren’t including in the shooting up part but were there to try to tell them to stop and we saw everything. We saw everything how they were shooting the monkey. It was just cruel because the monkey was bleeding up and all kind of things and they didn’t even care. We were there and that is a lie. They did not find the monkey like that. They are the ones who did the monkey that. They did not find it like that. The teacher said that if they get down the monkey from there he will give them free food and thing for lunch. So like, I mean, and on top of that on the first place if he didn’t go back there then he would have not seen the monkey. Nobody would have known that the monkey was back there. Nobody would have started to shoot up the monkey. How is it that they know that the monkey was back there? So it was the teacher. He called them and all of the first formers and second formers, all of them went after the monkey. It was like 25 of them in total. It was a lot of boys. We girls were trying to tell them to leave the monkey alone but they did not pay us mind. Until like they captured the monkey they were satisfied. Nobody likes what they did to the monkey because nobody knew what was happening until they saw the boys bringing the monkey tied up and thing. That is when the teachers got to find out what had happened and everyone was “railing” up. It was just Mr. (teacher) who was taking it cool as if nothing and even though we asked him why he did that and thing all- he was like not worrying about anything. We always see him in the bushes. We always go ask him what he is doing in the bush and he just like doesn’t say anything but just laugh. We really couldn’t do anything because all of this was happening during classes. It was like 7 in the morning that they started. We start classes like around 8 and all through the classes- the boys were not in the class like for the entire day because we dismiss early that day- and for the entire while they were not in classes. They were back there in the bush chasing the monkey. Its eye was bleeding up and all kind of things and we were trying to tell them to leave the monkey alone but they did not want; they continued shooting at the monkey and the monkey looked tired- he could go no more.”

In sight that the incident has caused a negative public reaction against the school, the students decided to come forward in order to set the record straight. To make matters worse, our interviewees allege that those who witnessed the brutal act are now receiving threats.

Voice of Students

“The entire school is getting pin-pointed for that and then they are saying that all of the students from BSHA and I see that wrong because it is not all of us who were back there. It was only some of the students from BHSA and most of them are mostly boys. So like all of this things is on Facebook and it is annoying because they are low-grading everybody and it’s not the fault of everybody. They should just punish the ones who were actually shoot up the monkey. It is neither all of the students nor all of the students- it is only one teacher who was back in the bush so it is him to blame for the whole thing. It is not fair that they are blaming the whole school and telling us that we are monkey killers out in the road. We just want make they pay for what they did because it is cruelty that happened to the monkey. We did not like it so that’s why we decided to come. One of the students told us that one of the boys who were shooting up that he threatened if we say anything that they will beat up us or something like that and we don’t feel that that is right because if they did wrong they should come up and say that they did wrong and done. It was directed to us that they said but if it was directly to me then I would have already try to see what to do about it because if they do wrong they should accept that they are wrong. But they do not want to accept it. They want to deny and get away with it. I don’t see that it is fair.”

The Forest Department has indicated that it will prosecute those who are deemed responsible to the monkey’s death. It is against the law to hunt, capture, or molest an endangered species such as the howler monkey and the punishment is either a fine of $1000 or 6 months in jail.


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Re: Animal cruelty - 03/16/13 07:31 PM

This story continues to sadden me....Particularly now that one of the boys decided to threaten a class mate.....History dictates this type of behavior will escalate in ones life....Maybe we should reserve him a seat in Hattieville now before he does harm or kill a human. I'm so very proud of the children who came forward and I pray none of them suffer consequences for doing the right thing.......
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"punishment is either a fine of $1000 or 6 months in jail" , It should include a good ass wupping for at least 6 months, just to get his attention .
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Re: Animal cruelty - 03/17/13 03:29 AM

If you want read about something disgusting then go to and read about raid on a pet shop.
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"punishment is either a fine of $1000 or 6 months in jail" , It should include a good ass wupping for at least 6 months, just to get his attention .
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Forest Department Ready To File Criminal Charges Against Students And Teacher

The case of animal cruelty upon a male adult howler monkey has caught the attention of people from all walks of life and today the latest reports indicate that the Forest Department will file charges against four students and one teacher of the Belize High School of Agriculture. Today when we spoke to Rasheeda Garcia, Wild Life Officer at the Forest Department, she told us that the investigation has been closed and all that’s left is for police to levy charges against the four students and male teacher of the high school, who, based on the departments investigation, are responsible for the death of the monkey who was badly injured on March 5th and died two days later at the Wild Tracks Rehabilitation Center in Sarteneja. Garcia told CTV3 News that if charges are not levied today, the individuals will be charged tomorrow at the Orange Walk Police Station. If the accused are found guilty they will have to pay a fine of $1000 or spend 6 months in jail. We will follow up this story in tomorrow’s newscast.


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Teacher and students charged for unlawful hunting

On March fifth, a black howler monkey was captured and savagely beaten allegedly at the hands of four third form students of the Belize High School of Agriculture in southern Orange Walk. But despite immediate rehabilitation, the endangered species did not survive the attack and perished exactly one week later, on March twelfth. Video circulated showed that in an act of animal cruelty, the primate was tied up and harassed. An investigation was launched by the Forest Department and on Tuesday, charges were levied against four persons—the teacher, Angel Carillo and three students. Each has been charged with Unlawful Hunting. Hunting, according to the laws regarding wildlife, is defined as the act of killing, molesting, taking or attempting to kill, take and/or molest any species of wildlife by any method. The group is expected to be arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court by Monday morning. The maximum penalty is one thousand dollars or six months imprisonment.

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Teacher and students charged in brutal death of Black Howler Monkey

On March 5th, news surged of a brutal act against a defenseless Black Howler Monkey by students of an Orange Walk District High School. The students accused of capturing and beating the monkey are alumni from The Belize High School of Agriculture in the San Lazaro Village. Students claimed that their professor had instructed them to kill the animal since it had urinated on him while he was taking a nap in the bushes. The students allegedly stoned the animal, causing severe internal damage and dragged it back to the school’s entrance to present it as a trophy to their peers.

OHowler Monkey Killedn March 6th, the Howler Monkey was rescued by the Forest Department after a concerned individual contacted them. The Howler Monkey was transported to a veterinary clinic at Belize City where the animal’s condition was stabilized. The Howler Monkey was later transported to Wild Tracks Rehabilitation Center for Manatees and Primates in the Corozal District to receive further treatment. Upon being examined, it was noticed that the animal had no broken bones but had suffered severe head trauma, as well,one of its eyes had been damaged beyond repair. The animal experienced several seizures while in the care of Wild Tracks and although much effort was put into nourishing the monkey back to health, it succumbed to its injuries two days later on March 8th.

The Black Howler Monkey is an endangered species and is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act (Chapter 220 revised edition 2000) and the Forest Act (Chapter 213 revised edition 2000) of the substantive laws of Belize. The Belize Forest Department (BFD) launched an immediate investigation into the incident. In a press release issued by BFD the following was stated, “The Forest Department does not take the incident lightly and will be laying charges against the offenders. Such cruelty is appalling and will not be tolerated.” The outrage of the incident also led The Belize Tourism Industry Association, Orange Walk Branch to issue a press release expressing the severity of the incident and how acts such as this should not be tolerated, and even more disturbing is that it was done by students at an education facility.

Investigations were not only conducted by The BFD but also by The Ministry of Education. The fact that the act was committed by students under the influence of a teacher raises concerns on the administration of the institution. The Ministry appeals to schools across the country to introduce extra curricular activities for the student to raise awareness about endangered species and wildlife conservation in Belize. Wildlife is a very important aspect of the Belize Tourism Industry and should be nurtured and cared for.

Teacher Angel Carillo and three students of Belize High School of Agriculture in southern Orange Walk have been charged with Unlawful Hunting in the death of the Howler Monkey in charges brought forward by the Forest Department. Hunting, according to the laws regarding wildlife, is defined as the act of killing, molesting, taking or attempting to kill, take and/or molest any species of wildlife by any method. The group is expected to be arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court by Monday, March 25th, 2012. The maximum penalty is one thousand dollars or six months imprisonment.

Endangered species of Belize are the Antillian Manatee, Hickatee Turtle, Keel-Billed Toucan, Wood Stork Scarlet Macaw, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Jaguar, Baird’s Tapir, Black Howler Monkey, Coatimundi, Green Iguana, Crocodile, Red Eyed Tree Frog and the Yellow- Headed Amazon Parrot. These animals are not to be hunted, killed or caged as pets. Any violations can result in persecution by the law of Belize. Persons aware of cruelty to an endangered species may contact The Belize Forest Department at email: [email protected] or phone number 822-1524/822-2079.

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4 students and teacher arraigned for killing howler monkey

In March 2013, public outrage was aroused when a black howler monkey was badly beaten by four third form students at the Belize High School of Agriculture in southern Orange Walk. And worse than that, they allegedly did it because a teacher told them to. The Forest Department was involved from the start and an investigation ensued. The monkey died a few days after, but public sentiment is still very much alive, and we have been following this case closely to see what, if any charges would be levied against the four students and the teacher. News Five understands that the attackers did finally appear in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, and were all charged for illegal hunting. The four students, two of them minors, and teacher Angel Carillo were granted bail in the sum of one thousand dollars each and they are to reappear in court on June twenty-sixth, 2013.

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Angel Carrillo And Four Students Appear in Court Regarding Howler Monkey's Death

The month of March proved to be one of scandal for the Belize High School of Agriculture after four of its male students and one of its male teachers were accused of brutally attacking a Howler Monkey on March 5th. The male monkey died three days after while receiving treatment at Wild Tracks Centre, a Monkey Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja Village. News tonight is that the case against the four students, two of which are said to be minors and Teacher Angel Carillo, began yesterday at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. All five individuals were charged for illegal hunting by the Forest Department and now face a legal battle. CTV3 News understands that all five accused were awarded bail to the sum of $1,000 each plus one surety each of the same amount which they met. Their case was adjourned for June 26th 2013. As previously mentioned, the monkey’s brutal attack was cause for controversy both here at home and abroad.


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