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bze to corozal - 05/03/03 07:15 AM

i'm looking at my options from goldson international to corozal...i'm planning on spending my first week in corozal, then going to ac...i know that i would have to fly, either on tropic or maya, to san pedro, and then reconnect to corozal...i have heard something about a bus that can also take you from the airport in belize city to corozal...then again, there's the water taxi.....does anyone have any experience with any of these options????cost?pro's and con's?appreciate any input that you may have....thanx....kerry
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/03/03 06:40 PM

here's my best recommendation.

talk to Henry Menzies <[email protected]> of Menzies Tours in Corozal. if he doesn't answer, then get ahold of Judy Wilson <[email protected]>, and have her get ahold of him. Henry is new-ish with email and sometimes takes a bit to respond. but he's awesome and can totally give you all the possibilities.

Here's about his biz:
Menzies Tours, based in Corozal Town in northern Belize, has a wealth of services to offer. They arrange tours and do transfers in Belize and Mexico. At the Caribbean Village in South Corozal, they have a restaurant, Hailey's, and they will cater a special meal for a group if you like. There is also a fully equipped RV park, with a dumping station, electricity, and water.

here's their transfers page, if they come and get you:
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/04/03 07:40 AM

marty....thanx for your input....just wasn't up the alley i was looking for....i was talking more of the busses run by "batty" or "venus" you know of these??? anyone???i read something in lan's book about these bus companies that run from bze to corozal, or maybe out of the municipal airport....can anyone help with that???i'm quoting here now...."batty and venus are the primary belize buslines on the northern hwy. with frequent service in both directions. fares are us$4-$5 to belize city, depending on the size of bus...most busses on this route are retired school bosses or other older equipment, but a few express a/c busses also serve it...
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: bze to corozal - 05/04/03 05:13 PM


You can catch a Novelo's or Northern Transport bus (both owned by Novelo's -- they have bought out Batty & Venus) on the Northern Highway at the entrance to the international airport. Just walk (about a mile) out to the highway, or you may be able to get a taxi to take you though when the flights come in taxis prefer to take passengers into Belize City, and get on just about any bus going north. It's 2 1/2 hours or so to Corozal Town. The bus goes through the main part of Corozal Town and will drop you off or you can go on to the bus station toward the north end of town.

Consider renting a car for the Corozal part of your trip, as it's handy to have on in Corozal -- you can explore a lot of interesting areas that otherwise you would have to visit on an expensive tour.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/04/03 05:41 PM

thanx the cost still about $5US or has that changed? also, do you have any idea what it would cost to rent a car in corozal? i'm going to be staying at tj's....just to let you know, i have found your books, "belize: adapter kit" & "san pedro cool" to be very helpful and informative....again, thanx so much for all your help....kerry
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/04/03 08:20 PM

Hey Lan, where can I get those books? Will be in San Pedro next week.
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/04/03 09:28 PM

You can get all the bus schedules on
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/05/03 06:52 AM

thanx for the site...all the bus schedules are listed with "batty" and "venus"...being that novelo's bought them out, are these still the same????anyone know????
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: bze to corozal - 05/05/03 04:11 PM

Unfortunately those bus schedules on the Internet are about three years old and now mostly out of date, with the consolidation of bus ownership. Seems like the fare now to Corozal is around US$6 or $8. Had a ticket stubb here with the fare on it, but can't find it.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: bze to corozal - 05/05/03 04:13 PM

Indygal, some of my books are offered here through Marty's site (see the main home page), and also from

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