Wintering Over in Corozal -- is a car needed?

Posted By: JRinSC

Wintering Over in Corozal -- is a car needed? - 03/26/08 02:15 PM

Hi all,

We are thinking of "wintering over" in Corozal when we retire in a couple of years -- most likely renting a house either in Consejo Shores or Corozal from November through March or so.

My wife Karol's biggest concern is living for several months without having a car at hand. We certainly can't rent a car for that long. I mentioned driving down and I don't think she likes that option. So, what's left??

I know we can get good bikes and it is only 7 miles into Corozal from the Shores, but is the road ok for that??

Would you recommend renting in Corozal so no car needed or is there any inexpensive way (taxi, car pooling, etc.) that people in the Shores use to get around?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. We are still coming down this December, but I'd love to know more about this sooner! *grin* I just think the idea of living with no car outside is just too alien to Karol. [Big Grin]


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Re: Wintering Over in Corozal -- is a car needed? - 03/26/08 07:51 PM

Make nice friends with your neighbors and car pool. Ask them when they shop and go into town. Ask to share the gas, and socialize. Also some of the nicest friends I have in Belize came about when I picked them up hitchhiking, we talked and got to know one another.
Posted By: JRinSC

Re: Wintering Over in Corozal -- is a car needed? - 03/27/08 07:20 PM

Great Idea, Mr. Bunk!! smirk

That is definitely worth pursuing while we are down this December. We will have a car then so we can run up and poll the locals and, just maybe, my wife Karol will find a situation that would work for her (us).

Julian laugh
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