Corozal Bay Resort

Posted By: shaarrin

Corozal Bay Resort - 05/29/08 05:25 AM

Has anyone stayed at Corozal Bay Resort recently. I can't make up my mind if I want to stay there or not. From all of the pictures it looks great, but the reviews I'm not so sure. Any help would be extremely greatful.
Posted By: JRinSC

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 05/29/08 07:40 PM

Hi Shaarrin,

I have done the same as you have here and have found from the responses that Doug has done a good job of fixing the place up and people lately say that it now in good shape.

I truly hope that is true since we are four people that are booked with them for two weeks over Christmas and New Years this winter. I will watch for replies with great interest. When are you planning to stay with them??


Posted By: shaarrin

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 05/30/08 07:01 AM

I'm going in about two weeks. I keep looking at it and really want to book it, but so far I haven't booked anything.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 06/01/08 04:18 PM

You'd be just fine there - rooms are clean and food/drinks are good - only thing that may bother you (but honestly - not a big deal) is that there are geckos that live in the thatched roof of the cabanas. They are beneficial as they eat mosquitos/bugs - but you may see occasionally small balls of dried droppings on the bedding or floor. It really wasn't any huge issue. Didn't see much of that. We did have a frog one day in the bathroom - was sitting on the toilet tank - quite amusing actually. Pool is clean (only one in Corozal) - there is garbage in the rocks on the adjacent beach - same at Tony's. The geckos (they aren't very big at all) are quite entertaining if you actually see them.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 06/02/08 02:58 AM

I was recently at Tonys..which is a bit more upscale..I am not always an upscale I walked next door to check out The Bay Resort. ..and I would actually choose to stay there.. swimming is not so hot in Corozal, and they do have a pool, seemed a bit more friendly of a place......clean enough, although I did not inspect....
Posted By: Shar

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 06/10/08 07:43 PM

Cooper you are right about Corozal Bay Resort, my husband and I have stayed there and find it so much more to our liking. The staff is friendly and the food good. Many people come from staying at Tony's and say the folks over there are kind of stuffy. We love Doug he is a great host.
Posted By: 172driver

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 07/27/08 04:59 AM

Just spent a week there and it was great. Food was spectacular, staff very friendly, pool a welcome relief from the humidity.
Will stay again when we return.
Posted By: JRinSC

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 08/06/08 07:01 PM

Hi 172,

Just curious... Doug told me that Tropical Storm Arthur piled up everything floating in the Bay and put it in his yard. Had they been able to clean it all up by the time you arrived...
Posted By: 172driver

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 08/07/08 03:27 AM

The property was fine but the waterfront had alot of flotsam floating and pushed up against that whole side of the bay. The other side of the bay near cerros however was pretty clean.
Posted By: JRinSC

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 08/11/08 09:11 PM

Thanks for the update... I can't believe that it is only 4 and 1/2 months until we get down there!


Posted By: TexasPresh

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 05/16/09 11:55 PM

We stayed at the Corozal Bay Resort and loved it.
You can read our report on the other post.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Corozal Bay Resort - 05/18/09 04:42 PM

We will definitely stay there again absolutely when we come down - just not sure when that will be. Besides Doug, nice guy - other staff who were great were Galindo, Paco and his fiance - Maya - they were getting married a few days after we were there - Maya actually wasn't staff but she was helping out anyway.

Small world thing too - Doug is originally from Revelstoke, BC which is about 2 hours away from us in Kelowna - and Warren Mudry - the realtor from Corozal Realty - his brother lives here and works at Costco with a good friend. Doug and Warren are friends - it was Warren's heads up about Corozal Bay Resort that made us change places and stay there - glad that we did.

Hope everyone is doing well. We have a holiday weekend here in Canada



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