Massive resort complex to break ground

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Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/17/01 03:29 PM

While the growing Corozal free
Zone continues to boost the
economy of Northern Belize, a
new tourism project adjoining
the zone promises to make the
area a Mecca for more than just
shoppers looking for bargain
liquor and gasoline. The Galeria
Maya Project, located on the waters of Four-Miles
Lagoon, centres around the construction of a
complex of hotels, casinos and upscale shopping
malls. President of the Galeria Maya Consortium,
former Minister of Tourism Glenn Godfrey, says
that the new venture will bring more jobs for
Belizeans and much needed foreign exchange.

Glenn Godfrey, Pres., Galeria Maya Consortium
"It is a strip modeled off the Las Vegas model, which
seeks not only to provide gaming, but to provide a
mixture of activity that will provide that will appeal to
the entire family. So we'll have amusement park like
for the kids, we'll have shopping for those people who
like to shop, we'll have gaming and of course we'll
have restaurants, water sports, golf, activities for

Ann-Marie Williams
"These are upscale goods particularly where shopping
is concerned, it will be better quality stuff than in the
actual free zone now? Elaborate a bit.

Glenn Godfrey
"Well we don't want to compete with the market that
present people in the zone are catering to. We think
that that market is saturated and they're doing a good
job at what they do. We are looking at a different
market, an upper scale market, the people who want
to buy Gucci and all the name brands."

"We'll have five hotels in all with casinos and
shopping malls. The first project is the first hotel with
the shopping mall, casino and an entertainment
centre. Also the Four Mile Lagoon is very, very
beautiful, it's a sinkhole, a cave collapse and filled
with water and connected out to the river, so it's
beautiful. Belizeans have been going there a long time
to enjoy it. Under the existing law Belizeans will not
be able to go into the zone to shop."

Ann-Marie Williams
"Instead of selling only the idea of the casino, you're
looking to sell the experience now, so when people
come across by boat, will we see maybe a little cruise
section, because they could come across regularly."

Glenn Godfrey
"Yes. They will be able to come by boat and there's a
significant advantage to them returning by boat
because it will double the amount that they can take
back duty free from one hundred and fifty dollars U.S.
to three hundred dollars. Of course it's part of the
experience like you said. And that area is very
beautiful, when you go to the river there are alligators
and beautiful birds, and we'll work to preserve that."

Godfrey says that ground will be broken on May
twenty-seventh for the first of the project's five
hotels. The entire project is scheduled for
completion in eighteen months.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/17/01 09:34 PM

Jesse! Very interesting news. When it says Belizeans can not go to the zone does that mean they can not go to the new Resort area either? That would be sad. How about Americans and Europeans that have Belizian Permanent Residency? Can they also not go to that new Resort area?
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/17/01 09:50 PM

Tell me if I am reading this right. The government will make that very beautiful lagoon many Belizeans are now enjoying off limits for them and only allow foreigners there. If that is the case this is just wrong! I would be pissed if I would be Belizean. Let me see. How would I feel if the government would build a very nice, fun Resort/Shopping area on the lake in Germany where I have gone every summer weekend with my parents sailing and only alow Italians, Austrians and everyone else to go there. That is like steeling from the people of Belize. There is got to be a better way to do this.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/18/01 02:53 AM

Glenn Godfrey strikes again!

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/19/01 09:57 PM

What about the4 massive complex planned for Ambergris? Imagine how the island will change. Check this out at:

or see my pasting of the information:

MEGA RESORT PLANNED FOR NORTH AMBERGRIS Ambergris Caye, already Belize's top tourist destination, may get 500 more hotel rooms. Two luxury hotels, at least one of which may be managed by Hyatt, have been announced for Punta Azul on North Ambergris Caye. One hotel would have about 300 rooms and would target the meeting and conventions market; the other, at around 200 rooms, would be a luxury property targeting individual travelers. Some equity funding for the project reportedly would come from developer Rochamel Development Company Ltd., a British firm. Hyatt already operates several resorts in the Caribbean, including ones in Aruba, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St. Kitts and St. Lucia. Rochamel Construction built the 300-room Hyatt Regency St. Lucia. The Belize government says it will float an international bond issue to finance part of the development costs. Critics expressed surprise, noting that the era of government-financed hotels ended with the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. They also say the Belize government's track record in hotels isn't too good; it lost its investment in the Ramada/Fiesta Inn in Belize City when that hotel, now the Princess Hotel & Casino, went belly up. Opening date for the Ambergris Caye hotels and other details, such as how guests would get to the hotels on the north end of the island, are as yet unknown. Ambergris Caye currently has about 65 hotels. Currently the island's largest hotel is Journey's End, with 90 rooms, and most properties have fewer than 25 rooms. If the mega resort had been open when Hurricane Keith hit the island, it likely would have suffered significant damage, as did a number of existing properties on North Ambergris.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/20/01 01:28 AM

This is OLD NEWS. It cratered before it even got started.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/20/01 02:33 AM

Good for now.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/20/01 04:40 PM

Hey folks...I'm trying to get an International number for Glenn Godfrey..or a number in the States..anyone have it?
With over 18 years building and renovating homes and commercial sites here in the states, I'm interested in bringing my knowledge to Belize...
I'm also a PC tech (Certified) and very experienced in Network Cableing and Telephone Systems...
I've done serveral Large projects here in the States..both in the PC integration field and Hotel network/phone wireing side.
Anyone seeking such talent please contact me at [email protected]
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/20/01 05:07 PM

Glenn Godfrey= 011 501 23 3530
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 05/21/01 03:58 AM

Thanks alot da man!
will let ya know how it turns out....
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 06/01/01 08:09 PM

Godfrey unveils Galleria Maya plan

Showers of blessing cooled the hundreds of Belizeans and Mexican guests who witnessed
the unveiling of the master plan for a new tourist resort, "Galleria Maya," in the Corozal
district Sunday afternoon.

Located on the Four Mile Lagoon beside the Corozal Free Zone, the Galleria will offer a
new destination in the Mundo Maya. It seems such a surefire winner that the Deutsche
Bank of Germany is financing the $75 million cost of construction for the first phase, a
300-room 5-star hotel. This luxury hotel is of Moorish style architecture patterned on La
Alhambra in Granada, Spain with its beautiful arches, columns and patios with exquisitely
tiled mosaics. Construction is expected to be completed in 18 months time.

Guests at the resort will be able to choose from water sports, the tables at the casinos, a
high-end shopping mall and other forms of entertainment which the developers promise
will offer a single integrated experience.

Tourism developer Glenn Godfrey, of the Provident Bank & Trust group, explained his
vision, "We feel sure that the people who come here will not be content in just seeing this
small part of the country, they will want to go dive on the reef. So this means more
tourists in the rest of the country, ... in other words a great influx of money into the
economy, not only in this region, but in the entire country, and a lot of jobs." The resort
will pay hotel taxes and all other relevant taxes, Godfrey said.

"Mexicans make up the largest group of foreign visitors to Las Vegas," Godfrey said,
explaining the choice of site. "We have the benefit that under the NAFTA treaty, Mexico,
the U.S. or Canada cannot set up a free zone." Belize is sitting right next to the largest
market in the world. "It's a beautiful lagoon, so this is where it had to be," Godfrey

"We are confident that it will be a profitable venture, because the site is a paradise,"
concurred Deutsche Bank representative Dr. Frank Viloria. "Belize has the possibility to
install a casino, a feature which Mexico does not have. Imagine the population of Mexico,
say 100 million, as well as Americans from California, Texas and the rest of United States,
all of whom may be visiting Belize. When a conservative banking institution such as the
Deutsche Bank is willing to invest funds in a project, it is because it is confident that it
will recover its investment.

"As we have the sovereign guarantee from the government of Belize, our aim is that we
will finance the entire project, and we will also serve as consultants on execution of the
project. It is a very ambitious project which will include the construction of four other
hotels. One of the largest construction companies: Dragados of Spain, is building the

"I believe this is a very important project for the tourism industry of this country," Prime
Minister Said Musa said. "This project will help Chetumal and Quintana Roo as much as
Belize," Musa told members of the Mexican media who also attended the ceremony.

Representatives of other companies in the Galleria Maya Consortium also attended the
launching: Lic. Jose Gomez Collazo, marketing director for Sol Melia hotel chain, D.
Antonio Garcia Plata, regional director for the Spanish construction firm, Dragados Obras y
Proyectos, and the architect Renato Franceshelli, the president of Blue Sky Entertainment
from Las Vegas, who is responsible for the creative development of the resort. Godfrey
described his backers, "there are investors from Hong Kong, Mexico and a small part from
Belize. Because we know the region better, they've allowed us to manage."

Other dignitaries also present included the Deputy Prime Minister Johnny Briceņo, Minister
of Budget Planning Ralph Fonseca, area representatives Florencio and Vildo Marin and the
Governor of Chetumal Dr. Luis Pech Vasquez.
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Re: Massive resort complex to break ground - 06/01/01 10:46 PM

Wow! If the Deutsche Bank is financing this it will for sure turn out profitable they are very conservative and would not take a risk. Does anyone know if a permanent Belize Resident would be allowed into that zone area? Well, you can always have another Passport for those things.
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