Diving from Corazol ?

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Diving from Corazol ? - 10/22/02 06:52 PM

We are visiting friends in Corazol soon, and wondered if any of you have been diving from Corazol? Our friends are not divers, so they didn't have any Info.We have all equiptment except for tanks.Any info is greatly appreciated.


Posted By: Marty

Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/23/02 03:01 PM

from a friend in Corozal...

Nothing for diving the Coro area that I know of --

You know -- some incredible diving potential up the lagoons -- under the
mayan ruins -- that is deep -- black/murky water in front of Maya ruin sites.

One guy that was here played with that. Needed super strong lights.

Then there are also the 16 foot plus Crocks -- scary!!

The rest of the bay area is a shallow pool -- well handled just by
snorkeling -- but why even bother -- mostly a sea desert.
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/23/02 03:29 PM

a second response from another friend...
zippo.....nada....not even mediocre diving..have to drive a boat all the way to bacalar chico reef by mexican border
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/23/02 03:49 PM

from Kent at the Blue Hole Dive Center:

nope. it's shallow and muddy and lots of crocs. CRIKEY! Look at the size of
that one!
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/23/02 05:39 PM

Thanks Marty. Our friends live about three blocks from Tony's Inn. Thier house is on the Bay and the water is really shallow quite a ways out.I guess we are snorkeling.......with crocks ? ( thank god I caught that last typo LOL )What about fishing guides up there? As usual Thanks for all of your help.

Ron and Deb
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/24/02 01:02 PM

from Peter, [email protected]

there is the villeneava familly -- just a 1/4 mile from Tony's --

Plus -- a few that fish Bacalar Chico out at Consejo Village.

The only good local fishing is the mouth of the river (new River lagoon)
and this is the best time of the year for that -- tarpon like crazy --

My work boat is sitting up at the ferry -- perfect for that.

Tell him to contact me -- I'll get one of the crew to take him out.

It works this way -- early morning -- and just before sunset.

A couple of hours at either end -- the rest of the time is a waste of time.

If he is serious -- have him contact me:


And oh -- the mouth of the Ranchito Laggon should also be hopping with
large tarpon right about now.
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 10/24/02 06:55 PM

You are the best Marty!!
Posted By: Corozal-Bay-Inn

Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 11/08/02 07:51 AM

There are no 16 foot crocks in the Corozal Bay. There used to have small crocks when the slaughter house was located on the waterfront. It has since moved inland. We have not seen any since, and that is over 1 year ago. When we used to see crocks, they were more afraid of us than we were of them. I am sure now and then one gets lost from the river during heavy rains and ends up near the town, but they do not hang around for long, and head back to the New River.
As for diving, it is not very good. The best time would be in Dec., Jan. & sometimes Feb. when the North winds blow. The sea gets real calm and the water gets very clear. Great for snorkeling. As a kid we used to snorkel near the shore in front of the trailer park and found all kinds of goodies. Silver coins, old copper nails, an antique childs gold ring, a minature copper cannon, old bottles, lots of maya pottery shards(sp?)& beads, some with drawings/writing on them, and we even found a human skeleton once.
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 11/09/02 06:18 AM


I lived in and around Corozal for several months, took many trips into the mangroves and jungles... trying to see ONE croc. I never saw even one!! Where again? Are they always there?
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Re: Diving from Corazol ? - 11/09/02 06:21 AM

I meant to say are they EVER there? eek
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