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Posted By: Marty

Chetumal area - 08/12/06 09:16 PM

from a friend...
Was in the Chetumal area during the past two or three days. Some observations:

1. There is an overpass of some kind being built at the junction to the highway to Chetumal. Looks impressive.

2. Wonder why the Chetumalanians don't utilize their seafront? If Chetumal were SP, huge condos or hotels would be where those ramshackle huts / businesses are on the seashore. There are NO hotels in Chetumal along the seafront. Can you believe it?

3. Line a mile long (cars) to cross the border into Chetumal on a Thursday night. Must have been a thirsty night. You can literally sit there for an half an hour and not move.

4. Awesome shopping at the mall in Chetumal. Makes flying to Miami redundant these days. Save the money on airfare and use the spare change for even more shopping in Chet.

5. The Golden Casino's flashing lights are a sight to behold.
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Re: Chetumal area - 08/12/06 09:39 PM

Thanks for posting Marty. We just did a pass through Chetumal on the way to meet family in Playa.

Anyone have any recomends of fav places to stay, shop and eat in Chetumal?
Posted By: casa de amor

Re: Chetumal area - 08/12/06 09:56 PM

i stayed at hotel MARLON a few years ago, and ate at los cocos restaurant/hotel, really good OJ, and then the mall was nice, but theres really not to many gringos in chetumal so they kind of look at u like your from a diffferent planet.... ha, i had a great time, there driving is different from the states NO RED LIGHTS, but will go back sometime soon.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Chetumal area - 08/12/06 11:29 PM

Hotel Marlon has gone down a bit in the past few year. Los Cocos has recently done a remodeling and new addition. THe new suites are very nice as well as the pool. Food is good here too. Several new resturants, one is Paraguaian food that is exceptional. Sergios is always a favorite and Arracharra Don Jose. Be sure to vist the Maya Museum next to Los Cocos, it is a little gem. The new mall is very good. Liverpool is a little expensive but really nice things ,Crabtree and Eveylan, Veronix, and lots of other small shops. Check out the Large supermarket as well, they carry lots of household items at great prices.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Chetumal area - 08/13/06 02:20 PM

Thanks for the info, makes me want to go for lunch and a shop now lol.

Funny how after being on an island, a grocery store can become so exciting.

Last time in playa mexico we enjoyed mega, san francisco, and wal-mart as well as smaller local places.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Chetumal area - 08/13/06 02:21 PM

Me thinks that Chetumal has the right idea. The coast is for sitting on benches with friends or walking about on the seaside sidewalk. It is amazing how strong the tide is in often splashes over the seawall onto the sidewalk and street. Very nice walk about in the evening.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 04:38 PM

Chetumal is kewl these days.

Check out the four lane highway shooting up north to the cruise ship port at Mahajual (Costa Maya). The entire Yucatan coast is blowing up right down to Xcalak.

The Chetumal area is full of great day trips to the ruins, lagoons and the Sian Kaan Biosphere is absolutely amazing.

Tulum rocks, 3hrs north of Chet. Unbelievable. Imagine Cortez sailed right past this amazing city.

Check these places out:

Azulik - Tulum
[Linked Image]

Even better in real life.


Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 05:14 PM

Los cocos hotel is very nice & the restaurant is good. you can shop til you drop & taxis are cheap.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 06:27 PM

We go up to Chetumal to shop about once a month and to enjoy civilization for a few hours.
Ahhh civilization, its a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 07:52 PM

Posted By: Pokerpirate

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 08:16 PM

Mombo Cafe is a very nice restaurant/nightclub and is located on the same street as the Burgerking right next to mall. Also try Sergio's, Yum.
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 09:42 PM

Or spend the night in Bacalar at the Laguna. Nice restaurant just north of the Hotel on the lagoon, I think called Aloyicious, or very similar. Or eat in the village, rent kayaks, boats, water ski. The lagoon is beautiful, 5 shades of blue. Great sinks tops at the hotel, very kitchy decor, belongs in a book. Great seafood.
Posted By: casa de amor

Re: Chetumal area - 08/16/06 11:40 PM

yep katie, bacalar is a really nice place, went there a few years ago, there were a lot of local people at the beach, and saw the 5 shades of blue to! ha
Posted By: coolbummings

Re: Chetumal area - 08/18/06 02:11 AM

Take a cab up to Calderitas area....lots of great seaside eateries and excellent prices too! Los Cocos is great, the mall is well, a mall (hic), Sergios has good nosh and wine selections....the more time you spend in Chet the more of its secrets will be revealed.

Unfortunately they are building a Sam's Club near the waterfront. As to developments like Marty would like to see? No thanks!!!! Tulum is wrecked and the so-called Mayan Riviera? Eggregiously (hic) overpriced!!!

Chet is a working town that is going thru a boom. Good for them that they do it on their terms but still manage to retain that Mexican style of civility!
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Chetumal area - 08/22/06 03:09 PM

The lagoon near Bacalar is called Siete Colores - seven colors of blue ....... five is great, seven is even better. Nice place.

In Chetumal I had a really good sandwich in a walk-up place on the wide main street - it's just a great big hamburger/sandwich place, but the food is super - the shredded chicken sandwich is highly recommended - and if you order a hamburger, be aware that the beef burger comes with a slice of ham on it (HAM-burger!). Anyway - good, fast, cheap, with outdoor sidewalk tables.

That being said, I would not bother going up to Chet without a reason - it reminds me of Reseda California - I have total recall of one-story concrete sprawl.

If you want a lovely "civilized" experience I strongly recommend Merida. It's a 6 hour bus-ride away, but worth the trouble. Absolutely lovely.
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Re: Chetumal area - 08/24/06 11:34 PM

PokerPirate - is your casino open yet? Do you hire gringas from the states? I would love to meet you at one of Pedro's poker games in A/C the week of Sept 1 - 9th.
Diane - I live in Reseda, but would much prefer to live in A/C!
Only one more week, and will be back enjoying Paradise! <smile>
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Re: Chetumal area - 08/25/06 04:19 PM

See ya there, Cali! smile
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