BDF receives 8 Seabee Reconnaissance boats

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BDF receives 8 Seabee Reconnaissance boats - 02/28/13 03:36 PM

USA Ambassador announces the Belize Defence Force receiving 8 Seabee reconnaissance jet propelled boats for interoperability missions in the Rio Hondo, Corozal.

Seabees’ Mission in Corozal

"We're doing a military-to-military cooperation with our counterparts in the Belize Defense Force," said CBMU 202 officer in charge, Chief Builder Nicholas Whitbeck. "We'll observe, exchange ideas and learn from them and vice versa. We'll also work hand-in-hand with them to improve military infrastructure."

BELIZE CITY, Feb 27th – The Corozal Daily (…Sometimes) caught up with his Excellency USA Ambassador to Belize Vinai K. Thummalapally (pictured left) at a Community Policing handing over ceremony in Belize City and in his interview to us, he explained the mission of the stealthy looking Seabee boats that have been seen around carrying out an interoperability mission in the Corozal Bay lagoons and river’s.

The question of human trafficking and the USA’s perception in Belize’s fight against it was presented to his Excellency and he graciously stated that the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation has been working with the USA Embassy for several years now. He said he is very pleased and impressed with the CEO in the Ministry of HDST and the ministry’s work. Most recently there were two pieces of legislation passed by the Belize Cabinet that specifically tightens up the prosecution process for people who are violating these laws and specifies stiffer penalties thus becoming more difficult and less attractive for persons to infringe on these regulations against human trafficking. He said the USA is delighted that Belize has made significant strides just in the last three years against this illegal activity.

His Excellency further stated that for the last 2 weeks the Belize Defence Force is receiving eight (8) RIVRON Seabee boats. These are jet propelled, low profile reconnaissance boats used in rivers. They launched the boats in the RIO HONDO, Corozal. He stated that with the border to Mexico there is compelling evidence that there is human trafficking, illicit weapons transfer, contraband, cash and narcotics transfer.

Swift and multinational crew is scheduled to remain in Belize working with the Belize Defense Force until early March.

Courtesy: Corozal Daily (…Sometimes)

U.S. Fleet team donates eight Seabee boats to the BDF

Earlier this week we told you about the U.S. Fleet team that is in Belize working with the BDF to strengthen civil and maritime capabilities in our seas. We told you about several initiatives they have been conducting – building a multipurpose open bay structure called a seahut, providing materials for two additional buildings and training the BDF to better prepare them in combating criminal activities. One such activity is human trafficking. Most recently, Cabinet has passed two pieces of legislation that tightens up the prosecution process for persons violating our human trafficking laws, while at the same time, granting stiffer penalties to those convicted. To further boot efforts against this illegal activity, the U.S. Fleet team, that is scheduled to remain in the country for a couple more days, has donated eight Seabee boats to the BDF. Seabee boats are jet propelled, low profile reconnaissance boats used in rivers. This initiative part of a longstanding partnership between the US and the Government of Belize.


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