Corozal residents vs. the Streets

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Corozal residents vs. the Streets - 08/22/13 10:37 AM



Residents of Corozal complain on the deplorable conditions of the municipal streets and roads.

If you are tired of driving and riding on these streets…So are We. Most of the schools in Corozal open the first week of September. After receiving many complaints on the conditions of the streets in our municipality, the Corozal Daily took a tour this morning of Sand Andres Road, (Mary Hill area), College Road, 6th Avenue, 2nd Street North, Altamira, Venezuela Layout, Dominguez Layout, and most of the other streets that fall under the jurisdiction of the Corozal Town Council. These are streets that fall within the town limits and upkeep is the responsibility of the Town Council. Although we saw some feeder roads being opened in the Finca Solana area, most of streets that we drove on are in a deplorable state.

With the school season soon to begin in the next week and a half, we are wondering how students and commuters will make out in these road conditions. To avoid some of the craters you have to sway from side to side making this venture dangerous for pedestrians and motorists.

The current street conditions are taking a heavy toll on vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles and even pedestrians.

Residents are asking that immediate attention is given to repair the roads and streets leading to the schools.

(Below are just some more photos of what we took this morning)

Courtesy: Corozal Daily (…Sometimes)
Posted By: Marty

Re: Corozal residents vs. the Streets - 09/06/13 09:31 AM

(Photo above: Arrival area at the Corozal Belize border - Corozal Daily ©)


At the Corozal Daily, we don’t usually like to engage in reports that seem political or deemed as a criticism. We think it is counter-productive but there must be a time when we need to address burning issues. So, as a daily commuter on our streets and roads, I have to join the thousands of crossed sentiments from the rest of the Corozal community in the most critical issue affecting our community today. The fast degradation of our streets and roads are taking a toll on our vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc. In the tourism business, we say that our first impression is our lasting impression. Corozal is considered the most important trading point between Belize and Mexico. The number of tourist arrivals who rent vehicles coming all the way from Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and other parts of Mexico to visit the Free Zone and the rest of the country is in the thousands.

The photo above speaks for itself as it depicts the parking space for all vehicles coming across to our Belize border from Mexico. When buses are parked in their designated parking areas, commuters must drive over these craters to squeeze in there parking space. We can just imagine the problems and inconveniences that will be created at this juncture of the September Celebrations and during our Christmas time when these craters will still be there. Who is responsible for maintaining these areas? We understand that the responsibility of these areas fall on border management.

(Photo: Side road leading to 7th Avenue or Philip Goldson Highway)

I would like this article to be taken as a constructive report rather than anything else and with all fairness to the Corozal Town Council. We all complain and complain about the bad conditions of the streets and roads in Corozal but do not consider the underlying issues that may attribute to the problem aside from nature itself. So today, I went to the Corozal Town Council to pay my yearly property taxes and was curious to find out some financial information. So I engaged a conversation with the town administrator to find out what the council’s plans are on repairing the streets and roads and he kindly said to me that the council is very much aware of the problem but due to the standing water from the recent rains, they cannot do anything at this time until the weather clears up somewhat.

So with that, I asked him what is the percentage of taxes being collected presently. He said he could only tell me what the council is currently owed in dollar figures. So folks if you are one of those complaining like me, please bear in mind that the Corozal Town Council is owed $1,500,000.00 BZD in property taxes and a balance forward in arrears of trade licence fees in the sum of $42,000.00 BZD. If you want your streets repaired and better community services, then we suggest you go into the town council’s office and make plans to pay out your property tax and trade licence fee arrears. This appears to be one of the main problems why you see our streets in the conditions that they are.

In all fairness to the Corozal town it is not their responsibility for the maintenance of 7th Avenue which is the main artery through Corozal being part of Corozal/Orange Walk road. However, because of the Ministry of Work’s lack of maintenance, the council has done many repairs to this road as has been necessary.

We encourage the town council to seek ways and means in broadening its revenue tax base by extending its boundaries outwards to bring those areas that are being serviced by the council but which pay their taxes to Central Government and not necessarily benefitting the town.

Let us be proud of our Corozal community and set politics aside and keep our community safe and clean. You tax dollar builds a Better community!

Courtesy: Corozal Daily (…Sometimes)

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