Musa appeals to UN: Don't marginalise the poor

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Musa appeals to UN: Don't marginalise the poor - 09/07/00 02:17 PM

From CH5TV:
Musa appeals to UN: Don't marginalise the poor

In an ordinary year the chance
for the leader of a small nation
to address the United Nations
General Assembly is a matter of
importance. In the year 2000
and on the occasion of the
Millennium Summit, however, it
takes on special importance.
This morning, on the first day of the three-day
event, it was Said Musa's turn to present Belize's
global vision. His analysis began with a frank look at
the international facts of life.

Prime Minister Said Musa
"In the past we look to the nation state for solutions.
Today the true centre of governance has changed
dramatically. Transnational and multilateral
organisations control our lives; they are agencies of
what we may call real, existing world government.
That government is powerful, it rules the entire world;
but it is not democratic. It is not just. And it is not

After citing statistics of global inequalities Musa
concluded that the world body must assume more
power, but at the same time become more

Prime Minister Said Musa
"If we want this United Nations organisation to fulfill
its lofty goals, indeed if we want it to remain relevant
in the 21st Century, we must remake it into an
organisation that takes global governance away from
the self-appointed few and brings greater democracy
to all its operations."

"The UN itself acting democratically and responsibly,
must be given the power to hold every agency of
global governance to account: to put in place
mechanism for regular evaluation and correction, with
means of ensuring compliance."

The Belizean Prime Minister then turned his attention
to the phenomenon known as globalisation: How small
states must deal with it and where Belize fits in the
New World Order.

Prime Minister Said Musa
"Globalisation offers great possibilities for prosperity,
security and human well being, but only if the
architects of globalisation can be held to account,
only if it becomes a globalisation of solidarity. In
many small states like Belize, our economies are
fragile and vulnerable. We live on the margins, and
fear that unrestrained globalisation will further
marginalise us. But we must be bold and face the
future convinced that together with the developed
world we can forge a more responsible and equitable

While at the United Nations today, Prime Minister
Musa also took the opportunity to sign four
international conventions. These concerned an end
to racial discrimination, the advancement of
economic, social and cultural rights, the rights of
children during wartime and the protection of
children from being bought and sold. Musa will
travel to Los Angeles on Thursday night shortly
after he meets with U.S. President Bill Clinton.
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Re: Musa appeals to UN: Don't marginalise the poor - 09/08/00 12:19 AM

Wow brave speech. Bravo. Jesse I read all your reports, Thanks for keeping us updated.
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