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The Belize Ag Report - 04/30/09 02:40 PM

From Beth Roberson & Jane Beard:

The Belize Ag Report is a monthly agriculture newsletter. Our purpose is to collect, edit and disseminate information useful to the Belizean producer, large or small. We invite opinions on issues, which are not necessarily our own. Belize Ag neither solicits nor accepts political ads.
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From the Editor Greetings,

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are The Belize Ag Report, a monthly newsletter, headquartered in the Cayo District, but covering the entire country of Belize. How did we come into existence? As a result of an exasperating conversation asking a friend,' Where is the agriculture news?', given that it is the largest sector of the Belizean economy. Simply put, it's an astounding situation here! Even the agriculture sector itself, in a way, feel 'un-newsworthy‘.

We do not claim to be the official voice of agriculture Please read our mission statement printed on front page. To the other members of the Belizean media, we say ‘Please listen to agriculture.‘ What is more important than the food we eat? Isn't food the new 'oil' in the world economy? What good is oil or money if you don't have food?

Agriculture is about growth, the next generation, the next crop, for us, that is, the next issue - we look forward to growing and serving you. We thank all our sponsors for advertisements. We will be contacting more of you potential advertisers. If we have more supporters, then we can also have more articles. Our goal is to maintain a compatible ratio - enough ads to support the articles.

Our goal is to cover agriculture countrywide - we fell down on this a bit, we apologize to the cane farmers. HUGE THANK YOU to all our contributors. Please keep us in mind when you feel like writing again. If you enjoyed a feature, please tell us, and we will relay your thoughts.

The heart of the paper, the commodities prices, is new to us - but in the future look for weekly updates online, graphs to show history and trends, and prices from Peten, Guatemala and southern Mexico.

We invite farmers, and the public to communicate with us - note the columns with 'write in' sections - q and a for Organic Production, Vet Column, Alternative Energy, and Ask Rubber Boots - the catch all column for all q and a ...

Please write us with your ideas for topics you would like covered, and let us hear from you. Our format is fluid - We are all ears. Until the next issue, keep well and enjoy the rural life.

See you at the NATS!

Circulation 3,000
Belize Ag Report,
P.O. Box 150,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Phone: 663 6777/664 7272
Editor: Beth Roberson
Technical Manager: Jane Beard

Submissions as follows:
Ads: [email protected]
Articles: [email protected]
Letters to the Editor: [email protected]
Deadline date—12th of every month
Printed by BRC Printing, Benque Viejo
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: The Belize Ag Report - 04/30/09 02:59 PM

A great idea! What a pleasure to read a Belize publication that is
not full of crime and political news! Lots of good information even if you're not a farmer.

Congratulations to Beth Roberson and Jane Beard.

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