Cabinet Approves New Fiscal Incentives

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Cabinet Approves New Fiscal Incentives - 09/18/03 01:19 PM

It seems like the controversial catamarans are coming by a different
name now (concessions included)...

Office of the Prime Minister

Cabinet Approves New Fiscal Incentives

17 September, 2003 - Belmopan
Cabinet met in regular session on Tuesday, September 16th 2003.

The following items are submitted for public information:

In the tourism sector, Cabinet approved fiscal incentives to two
enterprises catering to the expanded cruise tourism industry. Belize
City Tenders Limited was approved a development concession to provide
the service of transporting cruise passengers in safer and more
efficient boats to the Belize Tourism Village. These boats will be used
to provide tenders for the Explorer Class cruise vessels that are
expected to come to Belize later this year. Discovery Divers Limited
was granted a concession to establish a transportation business in the
sea tour and adventure diving sectors to support the cruise tourism
industry. The vessels will be used primarily to conduct snorkeling and
diving tours to various aquatic attractions in Belize.
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Re: Cabinet Approves New Fiscal Incentives - 09/18/03 03:27 PM

And for Feinstein's project at State Bank.
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