Did Tourism Cop Get Out Of Hand With Female?

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Did Tourism Cop Get Out Of Hand With Female? - 02/13/13 02:09 PM

Tonight, another complaint of police brutality came to our newsroom. It allegedly happened near the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi establishment, more widely known as Brown Sugar.

The owner of Ana's Lunch Box was allegedly roughed up by officers from the Tourism Police. According to eyewitnesses, she was driving against the flow of traffic on North Front Street, which viewers may know is under heavy construction.

She allegedly disrespected one of the officers when she was warned, and that's when a male officer allegedly slammed her against a vehicle before arresting her.

Here's how those eyewitnesses described the entire scene:

Melanie Gladden, Eyewitness
"It looks like the lady came up stop and they came and they told the lady that they will take her. She puts her hand behind her back and let them take her. The man slammed the lady into the vehicle there and starts to rough up the lady. Another one came and told me that he will slam me too because I was recording the incident. The police are chancey."

"She wasn't answering back or giving any kind of resistance?"

Melanie Gladden, Eyewitness
"She put her hands behind her back and told them to take her if they want to."

"Who is this lady?"

Melanie Gladden, Eyewitness
"Miss Ana who works inside - the food lady."

"This is a professional and I feel like everybody is supposed to conduct themself professionally. The way how the police conduct themself even if she needed to get arrested they didn't need to act like that."

"Was she resisting in any way?"

"In no way. I feel like they are just chancey. I saw how they were harass the lady and I came out with my camera and stepped in front of them and they told me that I can't video that. I told them that we are Belizeans and we are supposed to be free enough that when we see wrong and they do wrong we are supposed to hold them accountable to it. I didn't take off my camera, but they walk and wave their hand in front of my camera. I feel like this is wrong. My Belizean people are supposed top stand up for ourselves."

Phillip "Fawda" Henry, Eyewitness
"The City Council has to dialogue with the police department because the fixing of the streets have this happening. This lady has her business here at Brown Sugar. She had to come up stop in order to get her goods in there and I saw her unloading her goods when the police came. The police have to know what they are doing when the tourist ship is here. The tourists are all watching seeing the abuse from our police department."

According to those we spoke to, she was detained by police right after the incident. We will try to catch up with her tomorrow.

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