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Of this and that… - 03/04/13 02:28 PM

Rose Garden

There is a brothel at mile 8. It was burnt down. It is being rebuilt. It looks like a hurricane shelter.

Everything is cement. The pace of the building is increasing.

A bird told us that the old Williamson Industries Compound will be used as a Canadian Military base. If this is true, Raul get “richa”.

Raul will mek back the whole $23,000 he just paid to Immigration for those illegal “workers”.

Canada to the rescue. Eat your heart out BATSUB.

Vacancy: Foreign Minister

Sedi is a nin-com-poop.

He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He misunderstands what that means. Sedi thinks that Minister of Foreign Affairs means that he represents foreign countries. He thinks it means that he does not represent Belize. Foreign interest minister.

He rolled out red carpet for Israelis. He gave them free access to Belize without visa. Israel voted against Belize’s independence. Sedi hug them up. They clapped. Then there was a scandal against Belize.

Then, he spoke against Belize and in favor of Guatemala. He called the border artificial. The Guatemalans clapped. He then spoke and defended the OAS. They clapped. COLA lit a fire. Sedi insulted them.

Now Sedi talks and say he agrees with the British. That is England now. The English was agreeing to give away pieces of Belize.

You fi defend we, in case you do not know Sedi.

Please mek this man shut up!

The Second Coming

of Farrakhan

As-salamu ‘alaykum.

The Muslim community is happy no puss back foot. Belize is under oppression from infidels.

Konshens came. He is a reggae dancehall artist. He sings about “wining in holes” and “bending over”. He choked and slapped a black woman on stage. There was a lot of fan fare. BTL sponsored it. They wasted tax money. Nothing came from it.

Farrakhan is coming. He will be here from March 4-11. Not a single commercial. No sponsorship from BTL. No posters. No concert. No. Nothing.

God will visit Pharaoh on Seashore Drive.

Poor Kenny

The worst job under the UDP is Public relations officer. The UDP keep on punking Kenny Morgan.

They trick him to cutting his locks in 1998. It was a bad idea. Then they just huff the dude. Shame. Embarrassing. He did not learn his lesson.

Now he has popped back up. The UDP is using him. He is the PR Officer for Belize CitCo. This is a bad place to be. Morgan is not collecting a salary. What he is collecting is a lot of negativity. He has become an apologist. He is the voice that says that the victimization and corruption of City Hall is ok. He is betraying the poor people. Every time he speaks.

This is prostitution.

20yrs Love FM

Congrats to Love FM.

This year they celebrate 20 years. That is no easy task.

Rene Villanueva has to be saluted. He is a bit naïve at other times. But surviving twenty years is no easy task.

Congrats to the PUP who freed up the media.


Pepsi is coming to Belize. This is what I was told. A deputy contraband leader of the UDP is getting the distribution contract.

What will Bowen and Bowen do? Bowen and Bowen support the UDP. They have their logos plastered all over “fuss ting da mawning” set. Victimization, prejudice and all manner of abuses are sung on that show. Nastiness.

Now Bowen and Bowen is being attacked. They are being bombed by the same people they give support.

Same thing happened to Ashcroft. Same thing happened to a lot of UDP businesses. the members of Chamber of Commerce better take note.

Belizeans get jobs at the factories for Bowen. Which Belizean will get rich when they start importing other brands of soda?

Spoon full of sugar

Pepsi was originally a syrup. It was created and developed in 1893. It got its name from the digestive enzyme, pepsin. It was a fountain drink distributed from a drug store.

Sounds like medicine. Maybe Bowen and Bowen and all other businesses will take this message from the UDP as medicine.

A wake up call.

P.S. I see a new beer too. Kubil…or Kibul…watch unnu self.

Real Jordan

Shyne is back. He is in Belize.

Something is wrong with this cat. Belizeans forget that he is Music Ambassador. But he does not represent anything.

This boy is confused. A wee bit wacky.

The latest sighting of Shyne was on Albert Street. He was heavily guarded by GSU.

He was complaining to passers by. He said he wanted to buy a Jordan sneakers. He was directed to a store by Scotia Bank. He made a fuss. He did not want a shoe from there. He wanted a “real jordan”.

Who does he think he is?

Maybe he should fly to NY. Fly to USA and buy one in New York. Go buy the new Jordan 28 “Joker”. It is out in the continental United States. Use your diplomatic passport.

No body likes your father. Nobody likes you.

You give deportees a bad name.


The Easter is already here.

Each year people give up something for Lent. Some give up cigarettes. Some sex. Some sweets. Some curse words.

Rather than giving up something, people add something positive to their life.

Giving up something for forty days is nothing. When you live in wickedness for 325 days.


The Devil is busy. He does overtime during the Easter season.

It is hot. The rivers are full. People like “drownded”.

Drunk drivers abound. Death lurks.

Please be careful.

Biggest Loser

The world of cycling is in serious problems.

There is a big quarrel. A lot of spite is happening.  Weekend Warriors is bigger than the Belize Cycling Association. They are sucking up all the sponsorship. There is a political game being placed.

There is a big UDP who is trying to crush a small man. Dion Leslie and his father’s money di chance the cycling world. Santi has a hand in this too.

This is terrible.

Cross Country

Nothing is more Belizean than the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic.

Rice and beans can make a challenge. But it will be out pedaled. Not even “moto-pacing” can make it win that argument.

Cruffy love that race. There was no Valentines Day race. No one really cares.

But we need our Cross country race.

We nuh want to hear about no quarrel.

The only quarrel we want to have is with each other. We want to quarrel over why a Foreigner will win this year.

Who is Monrad Metzgen?

The Cross Country is big.

The idea for the race came from a Belizean. He was Monrad Metzgen.

That guy got inspiration from all cyclists who rode all the way to cricket games every week. They would ride to villages the Belize Rural area.

The first official race was on April 5, 1928. They left from in front of the courthouse. This was at 5:00am.

Now we are smarter than a standard six student.

Off with his head

In 2008 a lot of public servants were victimized. They were sent home for openly being PUP.

In the UDP Deputy Party Leader convention lots of UDP were out flaunting.

On big TV in a UDP shirt was an incompetent public servant. He works at the Solicitor General’s office. He is a rabid UDP. His job is to represent all of Belize in court. No one had any confidence in his abilities in the past. Now we have no confidence that he will not sell out our cases and please the UDP.  His candidate lost. Gapi should have him fired.

But what is worse is that a sitting Magistrate from out district was at the UDP Convention. This is confirmed. The magistrate is unqualified. This is bad news for the independence of the law system. Mr. Chief Justice, what will you do at this news?

There is also another high-ranking police officer from up north that was there. He actually voted.  He is second in command at his formation. Are we serious? Where is the Ombudsman? Where is anybody?

Mark of UDP

“But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.

People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,  treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  having a form of godliness but denying its power.

Have nothing to do with such people.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5

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