Rescue operation saves drifting vessel

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Rescue operation saves drifting vessel - 03/05/14 10:20 AM

Off the coast of southern Belize

A daring rescue operation on Sunday night, conducted by rangers attached to the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE), resulted in the successful retrieval of a fishing vessel and its occupants. News Five understands that the boat was adrift in turbulent waters off the coast of southern Belize when police and coastguard personnel were alerted of the precarious situation. They were, however, unable to respond to the distress call and that’s when TIDE rangers, familiar with the area where the boat was reportedly wandering, sprang into action. Following the rescue effort, the rangers gave a candid interview about the risky operation.

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Re: Rescue operation saves drifting vessel - 03/05/14 10:25 AM

Trio Rescued from Sea in Southern Belize

Three men who were stranded at sea off coast Toledo were rescued and returned safely to Punta Gorda yesterday. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


“The rescue operation was undertaken by a team of Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE’s) Port Honduras Marine Reserve Rangers as explained by Captain of the operation Edwin Cabrera”


“Last night at around seven thirty, we received a phone call from Ms Celia stating that there was a sailboat drifting outside of Punta Negra. The last time the vessel was seen was in front of Punta Negra at about five o’clock yesterday evening. When we received the call, we told Ms Celia about the sea state as it was very choppy and so, her advice was to wait until the weather condition was better so that we can make a search around the Punta Icacos area just below Punta Negra area but while in the abalone we went to the left tower and we saw the light outside on the direction of the Snake Cayes and that was when we decided to see if that was the vessel that was drifting. We went; I was the captain and we went with two rangers, Henry and Narciso Martinez and one of our captains that was out with the research crew, Mikael and not far from our base, we encountered the vessel.”


“A member of the stranded sailboat crew Theodore McNab also spoke of the frightening experience and expressed words of gratitude.”


“We started about ten thirty from Placencia; everything went good until about five o’clock, we got to Punta Icacus and got some bad weather. The first thing that happened was the sail, it got jammed and we had to get rid of that. We started the engine, the engine picked up some debris and so, we had to shut that down. The steering went bad and we had no anchor and the drama began from there. About nine thirty that night we saw light coming towards us, we thanked God and hoped it was for us and it was.”


“The successful Sunday night rescue at sea operation carried out by TIDE’s PHMR rangers is another of similar rescue operations done over the years off coast Toledo upon request and SOS calls to TIDE. Reporting for Love News, I am Paul Mahung from Punta Gorda.”


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