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Belize in Morning Calm Magazine - 09/02/14 11:26 AM

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Belize was featured in Morning Calm magazine, the magazine of Korean Air. It's a great article, and Cayo is spoken of fondly, as the author stayed at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. There are pictures of Mountain Pine Ridge, and they talk about Xunantunich. The article starts on page 36.

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Behind the scenes: The making of "Jewel of the Jungle"

Lebawit Lily Girma, who recently published the 'Jewel of the Jungle' article about Belize in Morning Calm, reflects on how she went about writing it. Well done, and, spoiler alert, nature was the key. There are a few pictures - not nearly enough since Cayo is known for its natural beauty - of Cayo in there.

" My memories were like sheets of paper scattered on every corner of a desk. I had to pull them in, sort and get to the bottom layers. When I finally dug up that old, newbie version of myself, I was blown away. Because I realized that the very first thing that pulled me in and made me fall in love with Belize wasn’t food, people, or even culture (even though they were certainly part of why I came to love the country). It was nature. Belize’s great outdoors were like nothing I had seen before in my years of travel. More birds than tourists, more howler monkeys in forests than guides and more birds along riverbanks than boats. And the sensation that I was immersed in something bigger than myself."

Read the whole article....

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