Woman Found Dead up North

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Woman Found Dead up North - 01/17/15 10:07 PM

The unidentified remains of a partially-clothed woman were discovered today, Saturday January 17th in the Grand Belizean Estates Area 3 ˝ miles north of San Pedro Town.

At approximately 11:30 AM passer-byers on the road that runs through Grand Belizean Estates noticed a foul smell and vultures in a specific area. On closer look they found the body on the north side of the road, lying face down in the mud and water. They promptly notified the police who arrived within minutes to the scene. Due to the advanced stage of decomposition and animal predation, forensic authorities will conduct a post mortem at the scene. Police suspect foul play.

San Pedro Sun
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Re: Woman Found Dead up North - 01/19/15 09:56 AM

Unidentified body confirmed as missing Honduran Silvia Benitez

Police in San Pedro Town are investigating the circumstances leading to the death of a missing Honduran. She has been identified as 22 year old Silvia Benitez, a waitress of the San Pedrito Area.

Benitez, a single mother of three, was discovered about 15 feet off the Grand Belizean Estate road 3 ˝ miles north of San Pedro Town on Saturday morning, January 17th. She was in an advanced state of decomposition, and as such doctors performed the postmortem onsite. Police suspect Benitez was murdered and disposed of in the uninhabited area.

Benitez had been missing since Monday, January 12th after she left her place of employment highly intoxicated. Friends became concerned and organized a search party which ended with the discovery of her body.

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Re: Woman Found Dead up North - 01/20/15 10:01 AM

Young Honduran mother of three violently murdered on Ambergris Caye

Police on Ambergris Caye are asking for the public’s assistance to help solve the murder of 22-year-old Silvia Carmen Benitez. The Honduran national, who was reported missing on Thursday January 15th, was an exotic dancer at an establishment in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town. Almost 48 hours later, her partially nude body was discovered in an uninhabited area about 3 ˝ miles north of San Pedro Town.

Benitez was reported missing by one of her friends, 36-year-old Danilo Alvarenga of Belmopan City. Alvarenga told The San Pedro Sun that he became concerned after he learned from other friends that they had not seen or heard of Benitez since Tuesday January 13th. According to the owner of the establishment where Benites worked, the young lady was seen by one of his workmen on a golf cart with a male person sometime around 4:30AM on Tuesday January 13th. A police report indicated that Benitez, well known as “Mauw” was seen around 4AM that same day, on a bench with an alcoholic beverage and in the company of four men.

It is uncertain what happen thereafter, but according to Officer in Charge of the Police Coastal Executive Unit Superintendent of Police Luis Castellanos, following the missing report, police began searching for the missing female. Flyers were placed in various areas, but sometime around 11:30AM on Saturday January 17th, police responded to a report of a body found in the Mata Grande Area of the island. “We visited the location and found the decomposed body of a female. The body was retrieved and we were able to identify the body because it had some tattoos and based on that we confirmed, it was the same young lady that was reported missing.” The female was found by two men who were in the area who detected a high stench and decided to investigate. The two men stumbled across the dead female about 15 feet away off the dirt road behind some bushes. “She was found in a shallow mud pond that had some water. She was found face down, in an advanced state of decomposition.”

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Re: Woman Found Dead up North - 01/20/15 10:33 AM

The report is misleading in its sweeping statement about murders in San Pedro.
Several killings occurred in the bush way up by Mexico. This is drug related and geographically well out of the town and residential areas.
The other crimes are turf related, or the result of extreme intoxication and fights erupting as a result.
What we need to be concerned about is this disregard for ones own quality of life. Belizean society has long held life sacred. The incursion of drugs, the enslavement of foreign women into the sex trade and the cultures that come with these businesses must be a focus of law enforcement, and we as citizens cannot turn a blind eye to activities of this sort when we observe them.
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Re: Woman Found Dead up North - 01/20/15 04:16 PM

Very well said. Once one has seen for themselves they have a choice. Turn away or get involved. frown
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