ACP Chester Williams resigning?

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ACP Chester Williams resigning? - 07/12/16 08:27 PM

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It would seem that ACP Chester Williams intends to resign his post with the police department in order to pursue a career practicing law. This is according to a post seen earlier on his facebook page. News 5 reporters have been trying to get in touch with the top cop and those around him for confirmation.

We'll have more on this story in tonight's newscast.

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"To those who want to blame the Police Department for the crime problem, I say that policing cannot irradiate crime and neither can it solve social ills. Secondly the crime situation we are faced with currently is a result of decades parental failure coupled with the failure of some institutions that are obligated to help young people. It took us decades to get at this stage but yet some expect us to fix the problem overnight. As a police department we have been doing a lot for the youths. Some offers aggressive style policing to fix the problem, but the truth is can aggressive policing adequately address the problem? I say no. This is not a situation we can aggressively police our way out of as to do so will make the situation like an incurable malignant tumor. In light of this I am delighted to see that a number of experts have emerged and are speaking out on the issue of crime and violence. In light of this I have decided to step aside and leave this type of work for the experts and will be going into the practice of law. It was a gratifying experience to have been able to touch the lives of many of these youths. I would hope that the experts would approached them with the same degree of love and compassion because how we treat these young people will determine the end results."
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