Pirates threaten Coast Guard

Posted By: Marty

Pirates threaten Coast Guard - 10/15/16 11:48 AM

A group of coastal pirates who prowl the high seas in southern Belize in the Stann Creek District area, and who target fishermen to rob or kill them, have reportedly sent threatening messages to the Belize Coast Guard that when they (the Coast Guard) confront them, they will kill them in a shootout.

The Coast Guard has thus made the apprehending of these pirates a high priority. According to the Coast Guard, the agency will do whatever needs to be done to protect the lives of fishermen working at sea from pirates and sea bandits, and they are conducting frequent aggressive patrols in likely areas to confront the criminals.

The announcement was made today by Admiral Johnny Borland, Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, at the Coast Guard Headquarters at Belizean Beach, Mile 4 on the George Price Highway, during the opening of their new facility.

Commandant Borland said that the Coast Guard have formed a task force along with the Fisheries Department to hunt down the pirates to bring them to justice. He said that the public should be reassured that the Coast Guard will be out on the seas conducting anti-crime patrols to ensure the long-term safety of those who travel or fish in those waters.

The latest incident of piracy at sea occurred last Wednesday evening, October 5, in the Colson Caye area, near Tobacco Caye, about 18 miles east of Dangriga, Stann Creek District.

Three fishermen from Sarteneja, Orange Walk District, who were fishing near Colson Caye, were held up and robbed at gunpoint, and beaten by armed pirates. Two of the fishermen told the Coast Guard that the bandits stole all their marine products and their personal belongings, after which they tortured them and forced them to jump overboard into the sea.

The pirates then stole their boat.

When the three fishermen jumped into the sea, one did not resurface. The other two men swam to a nearby island, on which there is a resort. The people on the island helped the fishermen and called the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard went to the area that same Wednesday evening, but so far, 9 days later, the missing fisherman has not been found, and the pirates have not been captured. The fisherman is now reported as “missing at sea” and believed to be dead.

Police and the Coast Guard also believe that the same pirates are the killers responsible for the death of a fisherman identified as Thomas Young, 49, of Belize City, and the disappearance of 4 others who were with him— Edwin Rice Graham, 24; Darwin Gentle, 26; Kendrick Chi, 26; and Sergio Flores, 34. Young was found “chopped up” and shot, floating in the sea near Colson Point Caye on Saturday, December 12, 2015, three days after the five friends were reported missing.'

Posted By: Shyboy

Re: Pirates threaten Coast Guard - 10/15/16 07:06 PM

I know there is much to be said about law enforcement abuse in Belize but this situation calls for "undercover Defense Forces" to go out as fisherman in several fishing boats and just wait to be accosted. It wouldn't bother me at all if the pirates never made it back to shore...
Posted By: ragman

Re: Pirates threaten Coast Guard - 10/15/16 10:07 PM

I'm with you Peter. The fishermen are defenseless and especially out on the coastal waters the government's most basic duty is to provide security.

Of course if they had some basic equipment with them it would be much easier. At least a VHF radio but better yet would be an epirb on every boat. Probably too much to ask. Your decoy suggestion is probably the way to go. This is an outrageous situation which could effect Belize poorly under the right circumstances. When the world's papers pick up this story it will bleed over to another industry by adding to the idea of lawlessness.

Certainly this should get as much attention as drugs if not more.
Posted By: Shyboy

Re: Pirates threaten Coast Guard - 10/16/16 02:46 AM

I was reminded about an email "advertisement" that I received for a cruise when the Somali pirates were very active. The cruise cost $6,000 and only traveled back and forth along the coast of Somalia ( like trolling). All of the normal cruise amenities included except you were allowed to bring your weapons of choice. The ship also rented AR15s, machine guns and rocket launchers. You get the picture; better than shooting clay pigeons off of the fantail with shotguns which is a normal cruise activity.

My "undercover fishermen" was, therefore, not an original idea :just a good solution.. Sorry if I offended some sensibilities.

Posted By: ragman

Re: Pirates threaten Coast Guard - 10/16/16 08:38 PM

Didn't offend me Peter but of course I have lately been classed as a deplorable anyway. wink

Seriously something drastic needs to be done to show these guys that this will not be tolerated.
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