Tourism Industry Summit Brings Everyone Onboard

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Tourism Industry Summit Brings Everyone Onboard - 10/20/18 11:07 AM

According to Karen Pike, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, invitations were extended to representatives from various organizations across the region.

Karen Pike, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, B.T.B.

“We have representatives from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.  We have representatives from marketing agencies in the U.S., in the Netherlands and in the UK.  We also have speakers who are coming to us from other parts of the Caribbean and Europe.”

Andrea Polanco

“How do you build off of an event like this?”

Karen Pike

“So with this, what starts is the communication with the industry stakeholders and then when we have industry visits, when we have marketing events we are able to share more information and gather more information from our stakeholders.”


“What do you find from your research attracts tourists to Belize?”

Karen Pike

“Belize is unique and we have a product that is like no other.  So what we are banking on is what has worked in the past, is that there is word of mouth, there is also the marketing that is done by the BTB.  There’s marketing that is done by the stakeholders what we are able to exhibit and show to them is the culture, the people and the experience that they can have and that’s what’s bringing more and more tourists to Belize.”

Tourism Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Wellness & Rejuvenation

A gathering of industry stakeholders from across the travel and leisure sectors met today at the annual B.T.B. Industry Presentation.  Every year, the Belize Tourism Board convenes a symposium during which topics pertaining to the state of the industry, as well as breakthroughs in trends and other areas of development are discussed.  This year, the focus is on wellness and rejuvenation and there was more than enough conversation to go around the room on both subjects.

Karen Pike, Director of Marketing & Industry Relations, BTB

“For the Belize Tourism Board, our stakeholders are very important.  We also know that for the industry it is important to share information, so combining the two, sharing communications, as well as having the industry partners here with us is very important and that’s why we have the annual tourism industry conference.  We share with them, we bring in speakers to share with them the emerging trends, impact on the industry, new niche markets that they need to focus on, things that Belize has to offer that are seen outside in the global world that we may not realize.  So bringing all of that together annually also helps to build industry experience and knowledge in what they 00:46 Out:…want to produce. For this year, we are focusing on wellness and rejuvenation, as well as birding.  So those are two niche markets that are growing, that are trending globally and are also growing as well in Belize.  So we are looking to get the information from experts external to the country and then just expand it here. The Belize Tourism Board does a lot of research, we have marketing agencies also globally, so we are getting information constantly on what is emerging, what’s trending and what we need to focus on, as well as looking at trends of what has been happening, who visits the country, what are they doing when they visit the country.  So all of that combined, we put that together to come up with the agenda for the conference.”

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BTB holds tourism conference

Tourism is the leading sector in Belize and in recent years this sector has been soaring. There is a lot that goes into keeping this sector competitive including the annual tourism industry conference held by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). This year’s conference focused on wellness and rejuvenation as well as birding and was held today at the Princess Ramada Hotel. Karen Pike, the Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, told the media that it is important for them to have the annual conference where they can share emerging trends with their stakeholders.

Karen Pike Director of Marketing and Industry Relations: “We have representatives from marketing agencies in the US, in the Netherlands and in the UK. We also have speakers who are coming to us from other parts of the Caribbean and Europe. With this what starts is the communication with the Industry stakeholders and when we have Industry visits, when we have marketing events, we get more information and gather more information from our stakeholders.”

The keynote speaker, Carol Hay, Director of Marketing at the Caribbean Tourism Organization, said that people are looking for authentic experiences and want to take their experience home with them where possible.

Carol Hay Director of Marketing Caribbean Tourism Organization: “One of the things is always to look at technology in Tourism and to ensure that visitors are always aware as to what Belize has to offer and how they can access it. People are always online 24/7 looking for experiences, where can they go? how can they get there? where can they stay? what can they do? how can they purchase it? so the number one thing is to ensure that you are open for business and also as well to understand that when visitors visit a destination they actually want to be able to purchase authentic souvenirs and I think it’s important to realize that people want some of the more indigenous products. They want to buy the local teas, rums, beers and also people are into health and wellness so they want local soaps, body scrubs, candles and other products and when you consider some of the natural resources that we have right here in Belize we always need to ensure that we are using these resources, of course that the products are manufactured and packaged to a high standard and that they are available to visitors.”

This year’s theme was “Rising Tourism Trends and Its Impact on the Belize Market.”


Birding at the Tourism Conference 2018

Tourism Conference

Tourism Industry Conference | Travel Trends in Heath and Wellness Tourism

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BTB Tourism Conference focus on Wellness and Rejuvenation

Over 180 tourism stakeholders throughout Belize met at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel last Friday to discuss key issues impacting the tourism industry as part of the annual BTB’s annual Tourism Industry Conference. The conference evolves from the BTB’s strategic plan on equipping stakeholders with pertinent and relevant information for the industry’s enhancement.

The one-day conference was held under the theme: Rising Tourism Trends and the Impact on our Belize Market. The morning session focused on Revitalizing Tourism through Wellness and Rejuvenation while the afternoon session focused on Birding Tourism and the Millennial Traveller and Travel Trends.

The conference included dynamic speakers from the United Kingdom, the U.S.A, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. These included Carol Hay, who in her keynote presentation spoke about Travel Trends Changing the Dynamics of the Tourism Industry; Andrea Hutchinson, who made a presentation on Travel Trends in Health and Wellness Tourism; Korra Pietersz-Juliana, who spoke on Developing Wellness Tourism; Yasmina Cherquaoui, who elaborated on the topic: Tapping into the benefits of Changing Tourism Trends.

In the afternoon Bill Thompson, spoke on the topic Why Bird Tourism? and Sarah Clark made a presentation on Marketing Belize as a Birding Destination; Tara Cappel, spoke on Millennial Travel Trends while Kristy Morris made a presentation on the topic, Marketing to the Millennial Traveller.

In addition to the speakers, there were testimonials by representatives of two local tourism resorts on their experiences on targeting wellness travel and birding tourism. These included Stewart Khrohn from Naїa Resort and Spa and Roni Martinez, a local birding expert and guide.

The conference commenced with an informative video entitled: Where did the Year Go?, which highlighted the industry’s major accomplishments during 2017 and concluded with a lively discussion entitled: Future Outlook for Belize as a Destination. This session included presentations from ICF Olson, BTB’s Marketing Agency for USA & Canada, the Brighter Group, BTB’s Marketing Agency for UK & Europe, GlobActive, BTB’s Marketing agency for the Netherlands and a short presentation by AeroMexico on its CO-OP marketing plans with Belize.

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation was present during the conference among many other invited guests.

The BTB’s annual Tourism Industry Conference theme proved effective as it aligned with 2018, which has been declared as the International Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation by the Caribbean Tourism Organization. It was also celebrated within the context of Belize’s National Sustainable Tourism Management Plan (NSTMP) 2030, which envisions that ‘the tourism industry growth will most efficiently and effectively harness the cultural, environmental and socio-economic benefits that tourism has the potential to provide.’

At the end of the conference, stakeholders and participants gained a better appreciation of the benefits of the aforementioned themes/concepts and their potential to contribute to a memorable visitor experience and a greater increase in visitor arrivals to Belize, a Curious Place
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