Cyril Jones Murdered in San Pedro

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Cyril Jones Murdered in San Pedro - 11/14/18 11:59 AM

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Thirty seven year old Cyril Jones was reportedly shot to death tonight while in San Pedro Town. Jones was at home when a man on a motorcycle appeared and fired several bullets in his direction. More details to follow...

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Murder in San Pedro

A man was gunned down in front of his home in the San Pedrito Area shortly after 8PM tonight. The person has not been identified, but police are processing the crime scene and have launched an investigation into the island's latest homicide.
Neighbors claim they heard several gunshots that at first they thought to be firecrackers.
The Sun will update as soon as official information becomes available.

San Pedro Sun
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Re: Cyril Jones Murdered in San Pedro - 11/14/18 05:36 PM

Cyril Jones gunned down in San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town

A family in the San Pedrito Area is grappling for answers following the murder of their beloved 37-year-old Cyril Jones, who was gunned down at his house on Tuesday, November 13th. The incident reportedly took place shortly after 7PM, when police responded to reports of a shooting in the San Pedrito Area.

The deceased’s wife, Imel Jones, revealed to police that her husband was at home with his family when someone whistled from outside. Jones went to the door and peeped outside to see who it was. Suddenly a loud bang was heard, and Jones fell to the floor with a gunshot wound to his face. Neighbours shared that they heard around six to seven shots, and at some point even thought they were firecrackers. They remember Jones as a peaceful and fun person, who did not seem to have problems with anyone in the vicinity. Jones leaves behind his beloved wife and two young daughters.

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Murder in San Pedro; BWS Employee is Executed

A thirty-seven-year-old San Pedro resident was executed on the veranda of his home on the island town. Cyril Jones was shot in the face on Tuesday night around seven-thirty when a gunman opened fire on him. Even before the gunman fled the scene, he pointed his weapon on another resident, who tonight is in fear of his life. But did Jones know his killer? Police said that the person called out for him before he was mortally wounded. Jones was transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead. News Five’s Duane Moody was in San Pedro today and files this report.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Around seven-thirty on Tuesday night, shots rang out in the San Pedrito area of the island town of San Pedro. Thirty-seven-year-old Cyril Jones, an employee of Belize Water Services Limited, was gunned down at his home in a well-known hotspot on the island. Police arrived minutes later to find Jones motionless with a gunshot wound to the face.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations)

“Sometime after eight p.m. thereabout last night, San Pedro police were called to the San Pedrito area, responding to information of shots being fired. Upon arrival, they saw the lifeless body of one Cyril Jones. It was lying on the ground motionless at his home with what appeared to be gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor out there.”

According to police, Jones was inside his two-storey concrete house when someone whistled outside. He emerged only to find himself staring down the barrel of a firearm, as residents say a gunman on a motorcycle took aim at their unsuspecting neighbour. Before the gunman fled the scene, he trained his weapon towards a witness, whose life has since been threatened. It is not known what could have triggered the murder, but Deputy Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed today that four persons have since been detained in connection with this latest homicide.

Chester Williams

“At this time, we are not able to establish a motive, but the investigation is still in its infancy stage and I am sure that the officers out there will do their utmost best to find those persons who are responsible for this latest murder in San Pedro.”

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Re: Cyril Jones Murdered in San Pedro - 11/16/18 12:16 PM

Teenager Arraigned For Executing Father of 2 on San Pedro

37 year old father of two Cyril Jones was executed in front of his home in San Pedro Town on Wednesday night.  He responded to someone whistling from outside, and a gunman was waiting for him as he stepped out.  The killer shot him right below his nose.  

Today police said an arrest was imminent:

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB, Belize City
"Well at this point I don't have any information in regards what the motive may be. The investigators are out there continuing their investigation but I don't have any details in regards to any motive. The investigation yielded the detention of several persons and there should be an arrest by the end of the day."

Jules Vasquez
"Multiple person were detained in the area. We are told one of them is a teenager and that persons remained detained, the 14 year old."

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino
"Right from what I know he is detained at this point."

Jules Vasquez
"Are they from San Pedro as well?"

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino

Jules Vasquez
"And from that same area?"

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino
"Right but however all of them are from San Pedro."

And this evening at 5:00, the 14 year old was charged for murder.  That’s right - only the minor was charged.  Police are investigating to find out who hired him to carry out the hit.

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