Morning Fatal Shooting Across RC School

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Morning Fatal Shooting Across RC School - 05/02/19 07:36 PM

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A resident of an apartment building, located across from the San Pedro Roman Catholic School on Coconut Drive, came across a handgun on the front steps of her resident as she came out to investigate the sounds of gunfire. At the same time, a second resident of the apartment building discovered a male lying in a pool of blood in front of his apartment located on the second floor. This shooting incident took place this morning, Thursday, May 2, 2019, at about 9a.m.

Police are currently on the look out for one or two individuals who are believed to be involved in this daylight crime.

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Re: Morning Fatal Shooting Across RC School - 05/02/19 07:49 PM

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Brandon Humes, 19 year old of Belize City has been identified as the person who was gunned down this morning in San Pedro Town. His body was discovered inside a room at an apartment complex on Coconut Drive. A firearm was found at the scene. Police are looking for two suspects.

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AC needs to be purged of all this trash. Guns, drugs, gangs etc. are not a way to bring foreign investment, tourism, and people looking to retire or have a vacation home.
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This is a real town, with children and churches and good things happening every single day. Everybody deserves a calm and healthy environment. Local people and tourists and retirees - alla we mek Belize.
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Brandon Humes gunned down in San Pedro Town

The incident happened on one of the busiest streets of town, causing a major traffic jam while police processed the scene. The shooting took place on the second floor of an apartment building, and according to the police report, the chain of events leading to Humes’ murder started as early as 8AM. The report states that when police arrived at the scene around 9AM, a Jose Flores told them that earlier in the morning, he had been visited by a male and female familiar to him. Shortly after, Flores and the female person left his apartment leaving Humes in the apartment. Sometime after, Flores was notified that there had been a shooting at his place. When they went back to the apartment, they found Humes in a seated position with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Police information revealed that Humes was from the south side of Belize City, and officers patrolling that area have been advised to be on the alert in case of any retaliation. No one has been arrested in connection with this latest murder. However, after reviewing nearby surveillance footage, police have able to identify potential suspects who are believed to be involved in the drug business. Witnesses near the area said that they saw the alleged assailants running away from the scene, heading southward and others north. Police hope to apprehend the culprits soon as they intensify their investigation. They appeal to the public that if anyone has information regarding this murder, to visit their nearest police station. All information will remain anonymous.

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Belize City Youth Murdered in San Pedro Town

There were three murders in less than twenty-four hours in Belize City, Stann Creek and San Pedro. The latest murder was on the island, but the victim is from south-side Belize City where police are on alert in the event that the killing may result in retaliation. It is not clear when Brandon Humes went to San Pedro, but he was found shot to death this morning inside an apartment on Coconut Drive just in front of the San Pedro High School. How he got there and why is under investigation. The tenant of the apartment had left prior to the shooting, but indications are that Humes may have been lured to his murder. Hipolito Novelo has the following report.

Hipolito Novelo, Reporting

At around nine o’clock this morning, gunshots were heard coming from inside this building, an apartment complex on Coconut Drive in San Pedro Town.

Natalie Arceo, Landlady

“We heard multiple gunshots which were very loud.”

Landlady, Natalie Arceo, quickly made checks which led her to what is believed to be the murder weapon.

Natalie Arceo

“As soon as I open my door, I walked out and is saw that a gun was on our doorstep. And so I immediately called police after that, because I figure that yes it is possible that the gunshots came from our building. I called the police and I would say that they responded very quickly.”

By the time police arrived, the gunman or gunmen had escaped. A nine-millimeter pistol was near the lifeless body of eighteen-year-old Brandon Humes. Humes’ body was found inside room number six. He had been shot several times and died on the spot.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

“On police’s arrival they observed a brown complexion male person in a sitting position with what appears to be gunshot injuries and motionless.”

Humes was reportedly found dead, seated on a sofa. According to reports, the tenant Jose Flores welcomed a woman and man, both who he knows, into his apartment. Flores left with the woman, leaving the man behind in the apartment. He later received a call and found a stranger murdered in his room. The man who visited  is nowhere to be found. Flores told police that he has no idea who Humes is and how he entered his apartment

ACP Joseph Myvett

“One Jose Flores reported to police that at around eight, he was visited by a male and a female person whom he is familiar with. Sometime shortly thereafter, he departed his home along with the female, leaving the male person at his home. Whilst out in San Pedro he was called that there was a shooting incident at this apartment.”

Natalie Arceo

“I called him because I was calling everybody to make checks. I told him to listen there is something going on can you come out here and just see because I didn’t go upstairs. When he went upstairs he confirmed to me that indeed in his room, it was in his apartment where the shooting had occurred. He does seem to know who the person is and neither do we. We have never seen this young man at our building ever.”

Humes is from Southside Belize City.  Police are looking for two suspects.

ACP Joseph Myvett

“At this point in time the investigation is in its early stages I should say. And so far we do not have anyone detained.”

Natalie Arceo

“This is a complete shock to us that this person, an unknown person came to this building and has been murdered in our building. This is a shock to us.”

Unconfirmed reports are that Humes’ murder was triggered by a ‘transaction’ gone wrong. We are told that due to Humes’ affiliations, the Department has increased police presence in key areas of the city in anticipation of any retaliation. Hipolito Novelo, News Five.

Was Brandon Humes Murder Due to Drug Deal Gone Wrong?

Late this evening, the mother of Brandon Humes, Maria Hamilton, spoke to the media at their Belize City home. Hamilton shared what she knows so far about her son’s murder.  According to Hamilton, she received the terrible news via phone.

Voice of: Maria Hamilton, Mother of Brandon Humes

“I got a call this morning when I was at work from a friend, telling me that my son was dead in San Pedro. I was like stunned. My friend told me that she has a picture and she can send it to you. I told her to send the picture because I know my son well. I hang up the phone. And I got another call, from his aunt. His aunt is a police officer. She asked me where I am and I told her I am at work. She said that Brandon is dead. There are still doing police investigations on the body. They have him at the San Pedro morgue. The police officer said that it is drug related it is…My son was no angel. I love him dearly. I can’t say if they set him up. I can’t say if they planned it whoever did it. I honestly can’t say. He never told me about any, he never came to me and said mom, my life is threatened by anybody. So I don’t know what went wrong but I know from the hearsay, everybody is saying, police is saying gang related and drugs dealing went wrong.”

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Re: Morning Fatal Shooting Across RC School - 05/04/19 12:17 PM

Suspect in San Pedro Murder to Hand Himself into Police

News Five has been informed that on the advice of his attorney, an Asian businessman turned himself over to police for the San Pedro murder of Brandon Humes which occurred on Thursday morning in the island town. Humes was shot multiple times to the body as he sat on a sofa inside an apartment on Coconut Drive just before nine o’clock. The murder weapon, a nine millimetre gun, was found on the steps to the apartment by the landlady. At this time, a motive for the crime is unknown, but News Five has been reliably informed that Humes had travelled to San Pedro the day before to seek employment. In the wake of that shooting, police have been on high alert in the south side of Belize City; so much so that this morning, GSU officers descended on a property off Caesar Ridge Road, where Humes was known to frequent.

Channel 5
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Suspect in Brandon Humes murder hands himself over to police

A male person handed himself into San Pedro Police in connection to the murder of 18-year-old Brandon Humes, who was shot to death on Thursday, May 2nd. The suspect, who was of interest to police, walked into the San Pedro Police Station shortly after 2PM on Monday, May 6th along with his attorney, and after an interrogation session, was placed under custody.After confined to a holding cell for a short while, the detainee was handcuffed and escorted out of the police station. Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker) Superintendent Reymundo Reyes briefly stated that the suspect was under arrest, but did not say where he was being taken. Reyes added that there is nothing concrete at this moment and investigations continue. There is also no official statement on whether any charges have been laid on the suspect at this moment.

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