Former Prime Minister Said Musa is hospitalized

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Former Prime Minister Said Musa is hospitalized - 05/08/20 06:31 PM

[Linked Image]According to a Facebook statement by Kareem Musa, his father, former Prime Minister Said Musa, is hospitalized after symptoms of a mild stroke last night. Musa is said to be alert and in stable condition, and the post reveals that because of COVID-19 protocols, only immediate family members are allowed to be with him.

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Re: Former Prime Minister Said Musa is hospitalized - 05/09/20 11:03 AM

According to his family, he is alert and stable but will remain in the hospital for the next few days.
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Re: Former Prime Minister Said Musa is hospitalized - 05/10/20 11:22 AM

The family of Said Musa wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to the many who sent messages of well wishes, blessings and prayers on learning of his illness. He is in good spirits.

Going forward we remain optimistic for his recovery that will require time, therapy and patience.
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Re: Former Prime Minister Said Musa is hospitalized - 06/11/20 11:43 AM

Rt. Hon. Said Still Interested in Fort George

p> Briceno didn't have to deflect nearly as much when he spoke of his predecessor Said Musa. The 76 year old, 8 term area representative for Fort George is recovering from a mild stroke. But, with elections scheduled for later this year, is he battle ready? Or is he even still interested in running? That's what the media asked his leader and his son today:

Hon. John Briceno, PUP Leader
"He is getting stronger every day. He continues to get his physiotherapy, but maybe chairman would you like to add some more to that."

Henry Charles Usher, PUP Chairman
"As the party leader said he is doing much better and he certainly wants to express his gratitude to all those who have been sending well wishes to him. He gets quite a bit of messages on his phone every day, so it's good to see the Belizean people continuing to check up on him. He's doing much better, he is asking a lot about what's happening in Fort George Division, so I have to report to him on that. He is still recovering, but it looks well and the doctors expect a full recovery."

"We understand he is having issues with mobility, do you foresee he keeping a role in the next general elections?"

Hon. John Briceno, PUP Leader
"As I've said all the time that only the Rt. Hon. Said Musa can decide whether he wants to run in the next election or not, so it's too early for anybody to say anything. We will wait for him to make that decision."

Musa was first elected in the Fort George division in 1979.

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